Hi all,

This has to be the most challenging time of the year on Wickedfood Earth Farm. It’s always a gamble managing grazing and second guessing when the first rains will come. With climate change it’s already a lot hotter than it should be. This has confused the growing cycle in nature. Many fruit trees have started to flower, yet the bees are not out in force as the number of daylight hours tells them it’s not yet spring. And so this imbalance is starting to turn the entire food chain on its head. It’s going to be a case of rapid adaption for future survival – as they say “…interesting times we live in…”

At Wickedfood Earth Farm and Country Cooking School we trying as best we can to stay one step ahead. All our irrigation is drip, a massive water saving of up to 80% on conventional irrigation. Over the years at the cooking school food gardens we have been identifying and slowly selecting fruit and vegetable varieties that require less water and are more heat tolerant (limited seed stock available for sale at the cooking school).

We’re already starting to sow our seed trays with summer crops ready to get planted in our cooking school food gardens early so that hopefully they will beat the worst of the insect invasions and the expected summer heat.

Our next Market Day and Country Mezze Lunch at the Country Cooking School will be next Saturday, 24 August. This will be a unique opportunity for you to come see where your food comes from, taste a variety of the products the cooking school students produce, buy some of our unique seeds and enjoy our famous mezze lunch – see below for more details.

This winter, we once again made our popular bacon and other cold meats. The Cooking Schools’ first 3 charcuterie workshops for the year were all fully subscribed.  We are putting on one more beginners charcuterie workshop on 31 August – Introductory charcuterie workshop, as well as 2 more advance workshops. More….

We have 2 nice fat Pedi lambs ready for slaughter, see below for more details, as well as a good selection of beef and cured meats. Click here for an order form.

Accommodation and in-depth food experiences

We now have limited accommodation for up to 4 people, and so are offering weekend or 2 day in-depth food experiences tailor-made to your food interests. For More… information mail Mike.

Farm lunches

The Cooking School now offers our popular gourmet country lunches 7 days a week (subject to availability and a minimum charge for 8 people). Come spend a relaxing day in the country and enjoy a gourmet feast surrounded by our internationally recognised gardens, full of winter produce, where you are free to wander through. The menus feature seasonal organic produce grown on the farm, including our own veld-raised pork, lamb, beef, and cured meats and preserves. Booking essential – from R295pp. More…

Meat curing workshops

  • 31 August – Introductory charcuterie workshop – from 9:30am. (R1 200pp). In this charcuterie workshop we will introduce you to the basics of the three main arts of meat curing – whole muscle curing, how to make a classic pork sausage, and the basics of making salami.
  • 14 September – Advanced salami and dried Sausage Workshop 9:30am. (R1 400pp, includes salami and mould culture, and other specialist products). Learn the advanced art of dried sausage/salami making from hand crafted mini salamis, mixed meats and large chunk salamis, as well as other dried sausages including Spanish chourizo.

The Cooking School bottling

We have just finished bottling:

Our bottled products are all available through our online store. We have also tied up with a courier company so are now able to distribute nation wide. More….

Market Day and Country Mezze Lunch

Come visit us on the farm next Saturday, 24 August. This will be a unique opportunity for you to come and see where your food comes from, taste a variety of the products the cooking school produces, buy some of our unique seed and enjoy our famous mezze lunch.

Food Market 09:30 to 12:00. Your chance to taste and buy:

  • a wide variety of our bottled products at special discounted prices for the day;
  • a selection of special heirloom seeds, tubers and seedlings of some of the vegetables we grow on the farm;
  • fresh sweet potatoes (orange, white and blue), turmeric and Jerusalem artichokes;
  • fresh veld-raised meat – beef and lamb;
  • cured meats – bacon, pancetta, coppa, cooked smoked ham,
  • and a lot more.

Country Mezze Lunch 12:00 to 14:00. R195pp booking essential.

Enjoy a relaxed country lunch of a selection of generous mezze dishes to share, all prepared with a strong emphasis on our seasonal farm produce including freshly-baked farm bread, award winning artisan cured meats, farm made pâtés, homemade pickles, imaginative salads and a selection of farm-made ice cream to finish.

For more information, or to book Contact Cilla on 076 236-2345 or cilla@wickedfood.co.za Up-front booking essential, no booking confirmed without payment in full, no refunds, no children under 12 (terms and conditions apply). For your own protection, access to the property is only granted to those people with bookings.

Meat sales

All our meat is grown on Wickedfood Earth Farm. We slaughter locally with no stress to the animal, and process in-house to ensure that we have complete trace-ability of all our meat. Animals are veld-raised, and completely free-range, using no routine antibiotics and growth hormones or stimulants. At the moment we have:

  • Pork – a new batch of:
    • bacon – both belly and back packed in 200g packs;
    • fresh pork sausage – breakfast and Italian;
    • cured meats – coppa, smoked cooked ham, and salami.
  • Beef – mince, boerewors, stew cuts and stock bones.
  • Lamb – We have a few lambs that are ready for slaughter. We need ±7 days from slaughter to packaging. Selling at R120/kg for the whole animal, slaughtered, and R25/kg for butchering and packaging. They weigh in at around 12kg to 20kg slaughtered.

Collection – we are offering 4 options, please click here for an order form: 

  • At the next lunch event at Wickedfood Earth in Hekpoort;
  • By prior arrangement at Wickedfood Earth in Hekpoort;
  • By prior arrangement in Lonehill;
  • Door to door in Northern Johannesburg will quote price on request.

Sustainable cooking classes

Wickedfood Earth Farm & Country Cooking School is a proud member of Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance. The Alliance is an international network of chefs who are committed to promoting small-scale, locally produced “good, clean and fair” foods, and safeguarding agricultural biodiversity. This new and exciting cooking class for small groups of up to 12 people is all about these principles – a tour of the gardens, a discussion about agricultural biodiversity, cooking a basket of the freshest seasonal produce and finishing off with a delicious 3-course menu you have prepared together. More…

Wickedfood Earth Farm Country cooking School is pleased to announce that we have joined forces with Oryx Desert Salt as our official supplier of salt. We believe that this is a superior salt to most of the other salts available as it is totally natural – no additives, no anti-clumping agents, and no preservatives. It is unrefined and unprocessed. Dried by the hot African desert sun from an underground brine lake, it takes only 4 weeks for the salt to crystalise.

Looking forward to welcoming you to one of our events during the course of the year.

Mike, Cilla and the Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School Team.

Bookings – contact Cilla on 076 236-2345 or cilla@wickedfood.co.za

Products and special events – Mike, 060 761-0885, earth@wickedfood.co.za