……we learnt about loads of different flavours and techniques…..really worth it!! We absolutely loved our hosts, Mike and Cilla, they really went out of their way to make sure we had a great experience….. – Jesse, Tripadvisor.

Your experience will include spending a day, a weekend or a week on Wickedfood Earth Farm, partaking in the daily life of the farm, enjoying hearty organically grown farm food and picnics, walking through the farm’s indigenous forest and learning new cooking skills, from cooking with seasonal organic ingredients, to growing vegetables, making sausage and cured meats, vegetarian and vegan cooking, baking bread, or learning new recipes in our Foods of the World workshops and experiences.

Wickedfood Earth Farm is located on a sustainable working farm, following organic farming philosophies. We are all about research and training. Our main focus is on sustainable agriculture and farm to fork eating. Through the Country Cooking School, we share the lessons learned and knowledge accumulated on food and sustainable farming practices with people who wish to experience first hand the information we have gathered.

We offer a wide variety of experiences which include:

Experience Wickedfood Earth

  • Agri Country Luncheswe now offer our popular gourmet country lunches 7 days a week (subject to a minimum booking of 8 people). The Cooking School prepares a generous country mezze lunch, using the very best locally grown, seasonal produce. Our country lunches, cooked by the country cooking school team, are built around the best naturally grown ingredients available from Wickedfood Earth Farm and surrounding small scale producers. More…
  • Accommodation  – we offer accommodation in 2 comfortably appointed rooms, for a maximum of 4 people, sharing a bathroom. Come relax taking in the rhythm of farm and bird life. Or spend the day or two in the kitchen with Mike and Cilla learning forgotten food skills, or how to cook some of the more exciting dishes from around the world. More….

Research – a number of projects on sustainability, ranging from indigenous chickens, the long term effect of global warming on fruit trees, the viability of free-range veld-raised pig farming for the South African environment, and research on the viability of the different poultry and pig breeds are being carried out at Wickedfood Earth Farm.

All activities held at Wickedfood Earth Farm are subject to our standard terms and conditions.