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Recent Newsletter Posts

Wickedfood Earth Farm Produce

For the week 14 November 2023 By this time next month many of you will have worked your last day of the year and anticipate a well deserved rest heading into the Christmas celebrations. At Wickedfood Earth Farm we have been flat out preparing a selection of:  Whole oven-ready pigs for [more]

Wickedfood Earth Farm - September Newsletter

Hi all, What's happening on the Wickedfood Earth Farm? With the easing of restrictions Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School ran its first public workshop two weekends ago, to great success. We believe that we now have a working model for future workshops. Our Picnic Nature Walks are [more]

Wickedfood Earth Farm August Newsletter

What's happening on the Farm? We are pleased to announce that we will be running the first of our Charcuterie workshops, Whole Muscle Curing Workshop, on Saturday 29 August. Space is limited to 8 (only 5 spaces left) so book early. More.... This last weekend we ran our first Food Experience [more]

Wickedfood Earth and the Corona Virus

For Wickedfood Earth, as well a for thousands of small businesses out there, the latest announcement regarding the Corona Virus has come as a huge shock to us. For many years we've been told that small business is the backbone of our economy. According to our information - “….. the presidency [more]

Wickedfood Earth March Newsletter

Hi all, This is a great time of the year to be on the farm. It's still pleasantly hot during the day and the nights nice and cool. Everything is green and the animals are in the prime of health, nice and fat from a few months' of good grazing. We're in full swing preparing the food gardens for [more]

Wickedfood Earth February Newsletter

Hi all, Welcome to the month of love. For the last 20 years, the Wickedfood Cooking School has held a Valentine's celebration. This year is no different. We have an option of 2 Valentine's events, a full weekend of pure food indulgence including a romantic candlelit dinner on the 14th, and a [more]