Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School

Located on a sustainable working farm, following organic farming philosophies, just 70km from Fourways, close to both Johannesburg and Pretoria, in the Magalies Valley, between Magaliesburg and Hartebeespoort

For more information, or to book:

(076) 236-2345 cilla@wickedfood.co.za

(See Terms & Conditions  – minimum charge 4 participants, max 24)

Prior to the class, please ensure that all participants are familiar with the current regulations regarding COVID-19 protocols and that they fully comply with these protocols while they are at Wickedfood Earth, both for their own and our staff’s safety. Any participants disregarding these protocols will result in us immediately terminating the event and requesting the group to leave for our staff’s protection.

Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School specializes in tailor-making food-related events for our corporate clients, with an emphasis on team building, relationship building and networking. We have over 21 years experience, with regards to running cooking classes that work seamlessly to ensure maximum enjoyment for all participants. At our cooking classes not only do you get to learn new skills, but the group also gets to socialise – to see how much fun these cooking classes are, click here. 

Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School, is located on a sustainable working farm, following organic farming philosophies, just 70km from Fourways, close to both Johannesburg and Pretoria, in the Magalies Valley, between Magaliesburg and Hartebeespoort. Come relax with us in our internationally recognized food garden and purpose built 4-station teaching kitchen.

While at Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School you have exclusive use of our facility ensuring privacy and the full attention of our trained staff. Due to the nature of our hands-on cooking classes, participants never feel threatened or moved outside their comfort zone. We have many handmade food products and aprons available as corporate gifts and prizes.

Wickedfood Earth Farm & Country Cooking School is a proud member of Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance. The Alliance is an international network of chefs who are committed to promoting small-scale, locally produced “good, clean and fair” foods, safeguarding agricultural biodiversity at risk of extinction and giving visibility and the proper value to their supplying producers. Our philosophy at Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School is all about sustainable eating. It is our passion to teach participants in our cooking classes, food workshops and events about using the very best local, naturally grown, seasonal produce available from Wickedfood Earth Farm and surrounding small scale producers.

Some of our more popular themes:

Forest Picnics 

From 10 to 40 people – starting at R295pp. Due to the present Covid-19 Pandemic, we have developed a unique & safe outdoor environment for a special day out in the country. We now offer hearty picnics where we package a selection of ±10 easy-to-eat mezze dishes as take-away picnic hampers, together with a quarter grilled chicken and potato salad per person, to be enjoyed at special clearings in our indigenous forest. All food is pre-prepared following strict health protocols as laid out in the regulations. We use the very best locally grown, seasonal produce. Just bring your own drinks, eating utensils and glasses in a picnic basket. We even provide sanitized chairs and tables (at an additional R50pp we can supply crockery, cutlery and glasses, in the unlikely event of rain we have ample covered seating surrounding our vegetable gardens). More….


Small Group option 4 to 8 people

  •  Foods of the World – From R3 490 for up to 4 people, (dependent on the menu chosen, R870 for each additional person, up to 8 people – see Terms).  Come join Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School for an exclusive, relaxing half-day of pure food indulgence at our working organic farm, while partaking in a half-day cooking workshop followed by a delicious 3 to 4 course lunch or dinner. Together, in one of these hands-on master-class workshops we explore one of the different cooking styles from around the world,
    • how to cook Italian country fare;
    • the secrets of classic French food;
    • Thai Street Market Food;
    • the fresh healthy flavours of the Vietnamese kitchen;
    • North African spices, tagines and couscous;
    • Classic Portuguese;
    • Food of Lebanon; or
    • Indian curries.

    • Seasonal Sustainable food basket cooking – starting at R3 990 for up to 4 people (from R995 for each additional person, up to 8 people  – includes free-range certified chickens, other meat when available, at a surcharge, on request, see terms). This is a ±5 hour programme. You start off with our internationally recognised resident chef taking you for a tour of the gardens, talking about growing and using different seasonal vegetables, followed by a discussion about agricultural biodiversity and factory versus sustainable farming. Then, from a basket of the freshest seasonal produce from the Wickedfood Earth farm gardens and surrounding small scale farms, our chef works together with the group to develop a delicious 6-dish, 3 course menu from these ingredients, and cooks them. To end, you sit down and enjoy the food you have prepared together.

Groups from 8 to 40 people (max 24 while COVID-19 protocols are still in place)

  • Foods of the World – starting at R5 590 for up to 8 people (from R695 for each additional person, up to 28 people, maximum 2 teams of 12 each – see Terms). You divide the group into teams of between 7 and 12 people per team for this cooking class (see Terms). Each team receives the same ingredients to cook the same 6 dish 3 course menu at their own dedicated cooking station. We offer a choice of any one of our themes including Thai, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Mexican, Greek, Middle Eastern, Indian and African (please note not all menus priced the same and some are suitable for larger groups, please liaise with our booking office).
  • Street food party (not available while COVID-19 protocols are still in place) starting at R695pp (minimum 30 people, up to 80 people, up to 8 groups of 10 people per team – see Terms). Fun interactive staff cooking class activity, team spirit, end-of-year function. You divide the group into teams of ±10 (dependent on the group size and theme). Each team is in charge of a food stall to:
    • prepare the dish from scratch at one of our fully fitted-out cooking stations;
    • cook enough portions of the dish for the whole group;
    • present a dish at their food stall, for the whole group to eat and enjoy at the end.

As Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School is located on a working farm, we have space to spread out. It is the ideal venue for larger groups and outdoor cooking. Themes include:

Asian Street Food Market,

Middle East mezze and

Mexican fiesta.


 For more information, or to book:

(076) 236-2345  cilla@wickedfood.co.za

(See Terms & Conditions  – minimum charge 4 participants, max 80)

Wickedfood Earth Farm Country cooking School is pleased to announce that we have joined forces with Oryx Desert Salt as our official supplier of salt. We believe that this is a superior salt to most of the other salts available as it is totally natural – no additives, no anti-clumping agents, and no preservatives. It is unrefined and unprocessed. Dried by the hot African desert sun from an underground brine lake, it takes only 4 weeks for the salt to crystalise.

All activities held at Wickedfood Earth Farm are subject to our standard terms and conditions.