Hi all,

Wickedfood Earth Farm has become synonymous with top quality charcuterie, including our range of sausage, coppa, pancetta, bacon and ham. Every year, at the Country Cooking School, we offer hands-on charcuterie workshops, sharing the knowledge we have accumulated over the years. We have  Charcuterie Workshops planned for 20 October and 10 November.

This year we have been privileged to host many of you at our monthly Sunday lunch events. Thank you for all your support. At each event we have offered a unique dining experience cooking only locally-grown seasonal produce, from suckling pig roasts to our beef event where we looked at very different preparations of the lesser-known cuts. Many people are now booking out the dates as a group for their own closed functions. We still have 3 Sunday lunch events planned for the year – see details below. 

Our countdown to the end of the year has started (see more details below):

  • Xmas hams – This year we will again be producing a very limited number of both hot and cold smoked hams (book a ham early to avoid disappointment);
  • Xmas workshop – We will be holding our annual Xmas cooking class, market and lunch on Sunday 16 December this year;
  • Preserving workshop – As this year’s fruit and vegetables ripen, we will celebrate the harvest of the various crops by running a series of short notice workshops where you will have the opportunity of picking some of our organically grown fruit and vegetables at their very best point of ripeness, and learn the secrets of preserving them.
  • End-of-year Functions – the Country Cooking School has developed 2 exciting and very different end-of-year cooking class options exclusively for groups and team building.

What we are planting and harvesting:

  • Harvesting  – last of the asparagus, strawberries and mulberries.
  • Garlic – We hope to start harvesting within the next two weeks. It then needs at least two weeks to dry and cure, so hope to start selling by early to mid-November;
  • Our vegetable seedlings are doing well and we are in the process of transplanting chilli and peppers, 12 different varieties of tomato, 8 varieties of egg plant, and a range of cucumber, pumpkin, marrow, potato and sweet potato, and beans.
  • All our fruit trees have flowered. It looks like our fruit season will be starting by mid- November, a good month to 6 weeks earlier than usual;

Looking forward to welcoming you to one of our events in the not-too-distant future.

Mike, Cilla and the Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School Team.

Bookings – contact Cilla on 076 236-2345 or cilla@wickedfood.co.za

Sunday Lunches

Using the very best locally-grown, seasonal produce, our country cooking school team, builds a mezze menu around these ingredients, to produce a selection of ±20 generous mezze dishes to share, including freshly baked farm bread, award-winning artisan cured meats and pâtés, farm-made pickles and dips, a hot meat dish, with side seasonal vegetables, and a  dessert. More ….

Dates (booking essential) – 4 and 18 November.

Charcuterie Workshop

Wickedfood Earth Farm Country Cooking School is offering two hands-on charcuterie workshops over the next two months where we will share the knowledge we have accumulated over the years on processing pork and other meats. To give every participant a good hands-on experience these classes are limited to a maximum of 10 participants per workshop. . More …

Dates for 2018:
  • Saturday 20 OctoberWhole Muscle Curing Workshop from 9:30am.
  • Saturday 10 NovemberSausage and Salami making Workshop from 9:30am.

Xmas hams

At Wickedfood Earth Farm, we produce two very different hams for Christmas. This year we will again be producing a very limited number of both hot and cold smoked hams (book a ham early to avoid disappointment):

  • Brined green ham (gammon) –  A pork leg that has been cured in a brine solution and  cold smoked. This ham first needs to be boiled, before it is brushed with a glaze and then roasted in the oven. Our brined uncooked hams are between 3,5 and 6kg each, at R190/kg;
  • Hot smoked cured ham –  Cured in a brine, as above, and then hot smoked. They are already cooked, and are delicious served cold, with either a mustard sauce, sweet pickle or marjoram salsa. These hot smoked hams are between ±2,2kg and ±4,5kg, at R190/kg.

All our hams are vacuumed and flash frozen to lock in flavour, perfect for a hot Xmas day. Our hams have no preservatives, or liquid smoke (limited numbers for delivery early December – contact me asap to place an order together with approximate size)

Order – Mike, 060 761-0885, earth@wickedfood.co.za

End-of-year Functions

Are you or your company looking for a very different end-of-year function. Join the  Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School team for one of our specially developed end-of-year cooking class options. Not only is it a fun day out, but while you are with us you have exclusive use of our facilities. Once all the food is cooked, participants are able to sit down and enjoy the food prepared, a great way for staff interaction. Book early to avoid disappointment, as dates towards the end of the year are already filling up fast. (Subject to our general terms and conditions.)