Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School and great Xmas cooking classes have become a popular way for us to round off the cooking school year. Every year we run a Xmas cooking workshop followed by a delicious lunch, where we give you tips and ideas on how to prepare some slightly different wow factor dishes with confidence to make your Xmas celebrations a memorable event. Over and above the workshop and lunch you will also have the opportunity to purchase Wickedfood Earth Farm made products, all of which make great Xmas presents. This year we will again be offering ± one and half hour hands-on workshop and Q&A session on:

  • How to make the very best liver pâté;
  • how to prepare gammon;
  • great sauces for cooked ham;
  • de-boning and stuffing a large chicken, great do ahead for a cold Xmas celebration;
  • The perfect quick to make classic Xmas pudding for hot weather – our very different take on Xmas pudding.

This will be followed by a 3 course lunch of:

  • liver pâté and our mezze dips from our own vegetables,
  • cured meats,
  • ham, and de-boned stuffed chicken, with vegetables and other goodies produced on the farm, and
  • Xmas pudding.

You have the opportunity to purchase Wickedfood Earth Farm made products, all great Xmas presents or that something extra for the table, for no-fuss celebrations. Products we will be selling include:

  • Hams – We have once again produced limited hand-crafted hams for Christmas. Each ham is individually cured, dependent on its weight, using time-honoured, artisanal practices. All our hams are selected from our own free-range pigs. We do not use preservatives, or liquid smoke. Once cured, our hams are vacuum packed and flash frozen to lock in flavour, perfect for a hot Xmas day.
    • Hot smoked cured ham –  De-boned, cured in a brine, as below, and then hot smoked. They are already cooked, and are delicious served cold, with either a mustard sauce, sweet pickle or marjoram salsa. These hot smoked hams are between ±1,kg and ±3kg, at R190/kg.
    • Brined ham (gammon) –  A pork leg that has been cured in a salt/sugar brine solution, cold smoked and then cured further. This ham first needs to be boiled, before it is brushed with a glaze and then roasted in the oven. Our brined uncooked hams are between 3,5 and 6kg each, at R190/kg;
  • Our cured meats – cut to order, great for Xmas cold meat platters – coppa, pancetta,  beef carpaccio and salami, and some great other specials;
  • Cold smoked bacon –  Dry cured with our special spice cure and cold smoked by local master smoker, Roy Gibbs;
  • Pedi lamb – We have a herd of indigenous veld raised Pedi sheep. We will be slaughtering and butchering 3 for the Xmas market;
  • Our famous sausage –  beef boerewors and a selection of pork sausages;
  • Preserves, jams, relishes and bottled fruit, all hand made from Wickedfood Earth Farm fruit and vegetables.
  • Certified free-range chickens – From our regular supplier. We will have 1,5kg, 2kg and ±2,3kg @ R59,95/kg. Pre-ordering essential.


  • Lunch and workshop – R490pp (limited space)  or
  • Lunch only – R350, bookings essential.

WhereWickedfood Earth Farm, Hekpoort, ±70km from Fourways, Directions click here;

When – Sunday 16 December  from 10:30, workshop starts at 11:00 sharp (for those who only wish to attend the lunch please arrive around 12:30, please advise Cilla in advance);

For bookings contact: Cilla on 076 236-2345 or cilla@wickedfood.co.za

For more information contact: Mike on 060 761-0885 or earth@wickedfood.co.za