The rally cry for the first four months of 2018 seems to be “… how quickly the first quarter of this year has flown …”. Certainly true for us at Wickedfood Earth Country cooking School. Over the past few months  the Country Cooking School  has enjoyed hosting a number of corporate and private food events, from our sold out Beer and BBQ lunch and a number of milestone birthdays to full-day presentations followed by cooking classes, and  Street Food Cooking Parties. These are the backbone that ensure that the Wickedfood Earth Country cooking School project remains viable.

Starting this coming Sunday, over the next 3 months we have some great events planned at Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School (see below for more information):

These themed lunches will showcase the flavourful antibiotic and growth hormone-free veld-raised meat we produce on the farm, as well as our other products. Those attending will also have the opportunity of pre-ordering some of our farm made products.

At the moment we are flat out planting our winter crops. We have just finished planting our 3 regular garlic varieties -Egyption pink (the most popular), large French white and Elephant. We are also  trying 12 new varieties, with exotic names like Gaya’s Joy, Chesnok red, Leningrad, and Rose de Lautrec, to name a few, to offer a wider spectrum of flavours and colours for next season. Other winter crops we are busy planting include cabbage, kale,  peas, broad beans and beetroot.

This year we had a bumper crop of pomegranates which we have turned into sugar-free syrup and vinegar, both of which we have limited stock of, for sale off the farm. We are also still harvesting the last of the summer raspberries which we will also turn into our popular salad dressing vinegar.

On the meat side we recently slaughtered our original old bull. This is an old animal, full of flavour, and the meat will therefore benefit from long slow cooking. On the sheep side we have a few lambs and hoggets (lamb between 12 and 18 months old, so it knows a thing or two about flavour) ready for slaughter. And on the pig side we have resurrected our pig breeding programme and will slowly start again to sell limited pork. For a product list click here….

Look forward to welcoming you to one of our events in the next few months.

Mike, Cilla and the Wickedfood Earth Team.


Mezze country lunches

On selected Sundays and public holidays Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School prepares a mezze country lunch, using the very best local, seasonal produce. Our country lunches, cooked by the country cooking school team, are built around the best naturally grown ingredients from Wickedfood Earth Farm and surrounding small scale producers. The Wickedfood Earth Farm food gardens around the lunch area have been internationally recognized by Slow Food.Dates for the next 3 months – 15 April, 1 May and 24 June

A number of items offered on our Sunday lunch platters are also available for sale through our farm deli. For certain items it is advisable to pre-order to avoid disappointment. More…..

Special Lunch Events

Over the next three months Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School are hosting 3 exclusive Sunday lunches to showcase the flavourful antibiotic and growth hormone-free veld-raised meat we produce on the farm.

  • 29 April Veld raised Beef Lunch – we pay respect to our original old bull by showcasing what can be done with mature beef through very different beef preparation, cooking and presentation techniques, a 4-course meal to remember, that you’ll very seldom have the opportunity to sample – a truly once-off beef event. (R350pp) More…
  • 13 May Autumn Pedi hogget FeastWickedfood Earth Country Cooking School is planing a showcase extravaganza of veld raised Pedi lamb and mutton which we believe has more flavour than its cousins from the Karoo. The cooking school staff will present a selection of meat and vegetable dishes with a strong Middle Eastern flavour to really champion the quality of the Pedi sheep. (R350pp) More…
  • 10 June Roast Suckling Pig Lunch – In celebration of our new breeding programme, Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School will  host a lunch bridging together 2 generations of pork. This 4-course meal will include a selection of cured meats from the last of our slaughtered older sows, to wood roasted suckling pig. accompanied by farm grown winter crops including blue sweet potato and Flat White Boer Pumpkin. (R350pp) More…

For more information, or to book Contact Cilla on 076 236-2345 or cilla@wickedfood.co.za. Up-front booking essential, no booking confirmed without payment in full, no refunds, no children under 16 (terms and conditions apply).

For your own protection, access to the property is only granted to those people with bookings.  Space for these special exclusive lunch events, at Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School, is limited to a maximum of 40, so book early to avoid disappointment. Guests will have a choice of sitting at our magnificent communal long table, or for parties of 4, 6, 8 or 10 at their own tables (or with enough lead-in time, you can book the venue for an exclusive event).


Produce sales

At  Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School we produce a variety of delicious fresh and cured meat cuts, and bottled fruit and vegetables. Our products will definitely add to your healthy eating plans,  as well as make great sustainable gifts. We have the following products available (please don’t order on the online shop,  mail Mike to order):

  • Cured meats – Great for  cold meat platters – coppa, pancetta, beef bressoala, and sliced ham;
  • Beef cuts –  roasts, stew, mince;
  • Whole lamb/Hogget – We will slaughter, age, butcher into the cuts you want, vacuum pack and label;
  • Our famous sausage  –  beef/pork boerewors, pork chourizo and thin sosatie flavour lamb sausage;
  • Preserves, jams, relishes, fruit vinegar and bottled fruit, all hand made from Wickedfood Earth Farm fruit and vegetables.

For bookings contact: Cilla on 076 236 2345 or cilla@wickedfood.co.za

For more information contact: Mike on 060 761-0885 or earth@wickedfood.co.za