Hi all,

What’s happening on the Wickedfood Earth Farm?

With the easing of restrictions Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School ran its first public workshop two weekends ago, to great success. We believe that we now have a working model for future workshops.

Our Picnic Nature Walks are also proving a great success. This last Sunday we had a full house with all our spots booked out. Everyone agreed that they felt safe and private in their own bubble, the way we envisaged. “… Thank you so much for a great day Sunday. The environment is beautiful and the food delicious. The 2 boys had a wonderful time…” Sue and family.

On the farm side:

  • Our bacon seeds are growing well. They are now 10 weeks old and about to be weaned (most commercial pigs are weaned at 4 weeks). They will hopefully form the nucleus for our Kolbroek stud breeding programme.
  • Spring is definitely here. We have already harvested the first strawberries and asparagus.
  • All the fruit trees are in full blossom and if we don’t get any more frost and get early rain we’re in for a bumper crop of peaches, plums, apricots, figs and pomegranates.
  • We started our seedling planting early this year and have already transplanted the first batch in the hope of getting an early crop of eggplant, tomatoes and chilli.

Exciting new workshops

  • Salami making19 September, basics of making the perfect meat and spice mix for cured meat sausages, including salami. More…..
  • Preserving workshopSaturday 26 September, in anticipation of summer and an abundance of produce, we teach you how to lock all that summer goodness up in a bottle to enjoy at a later date. More…..
  • Sausage making – 10 October, making the perfect lamb sausage, 2 different pork sausages, and our award winning boerewors. More…..
  •  Tortillas and delicious tacos fillings24 October, a workshop on how to make real fresh corn and flour tortillas with a selection of zingy fillings and salsas. More…

Food Experience eventsAs a group of between 2 and 8 people can choose a wide selection of cooking styles from seasonal farmhouse cooking, to discovering the rich flavours of world cuisine without having to leave the country. Come to Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School and travel with your tastebuds – we can do French, Italian, Indian, North African, Thai, Mexican, to name a few. More…

Picnics and nature walks

To make the booking process even easier we are now totally on-line so you can book as well as choose the picnic spot you want for the day. Each of our 13 spots are fully described, including photos and the maximum number of people that each spot can comfortably seat. Dates for this month are filling up fast, thanks for all the great support. This coming weekend we still have spots available on Saturday. We are also open for booking on Heritage Day, Thursday 24 September. More….

 Frozen meals and preserves

We continue with the online frozen meals and preserves, and have built up a strong support base of weekly orders which we are very grateful for. New on this month are:

  • Watermelon konfyt, both plain and spicy hot – did you know this South African classic is traditionally made with an old heritage watermelon variety, Makataan (Citrullus lanatus), an edible wild melon that is indigenous to the Southern African. They have been cultivated since pre-colonial times by the Khoy. This sweet preserve has chunks of crunchy, fragrant, melon in a ginger syrup, with just a hint of sour to cut through the spicy sweetness, is a classic on a cheese or charcuterie board accompaniment;
  • Chicken Tikka Misala, a modified recipe for those who enjoy a hot fragrant curry;
  • Pumpkin fritters – a firm favourite at our picnics, we also sell them frozen for you to enjoy at home. Absolutely delicious with a slice of watermelon or pumpkin konfyt. 

Please check out our online shop. We offer free delivery for all orders over R600 to northern Johannesburg.

Keep well and safe. Cilla, Mike and the Wickedfood Earth team. 

Bookings: Cilla 076-236-2345 cilla@wickedfood.co.za
Special projects: Mike 060 761-0885 earth@wickedfood.co.za

Orders and deliveries: Geoffrey 082 861-9563 geoffrey@wickedfood.co.za