February is a month for romantics. Not only is it the shortest month, where tradition has it that once every four years the girls get to do the proposing, but it is of course also Valentine month. At Wickedfood Cooking Schools, we can gauge how popular the date is, by the number of bookings we get every year for our Valentine’s cookery class. At Wickedfood Sunninghill, we run two classes, both of which were fully subscribed two weeks ago. Due to the success, we have decided also to run a Sunday Valentine’s event at Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School, see details below.

Those attending our January Pasta workshop had a lot of fun. The March programme is now live on the website, see details below.

Diary of the farm

Over the past few weeks we have had a glut of tomatoes, eggplant and red peppers. We have made the most delicious pasta sauce with these ingredients, which we have bottled. Our kitchens have also been hard at work preparing for a number of functions that we have catered for. At the moment we are harvesting:

  • Our first ever crop of chickpeas;
  • Both white and purple big, fleshy, sweet  aubergine;
  • 2 varieties of  heirloom tomatoes;
  •  Pepperdews;
  •  Okra –  perfect for gumbo, or as they eat them in India, simply deep-fried, with a little bit of chilli salt, more delicious than chips;
  • Dark red, sweet, and slightly tart raspberries and blackberries;
  • Big juicy pomegranates are just starting to come into season.


Cooking classes and food workshop programme

We have 4 exciting cooking classes lined up for the next two months (click here for the March programme):

Spend the day in the country, with a special person in your life, enjoying scrumptious food and good company. The day will include a cooking demonstration (all ingredients will be sourced from the farm or surrounding area, and naturally grown) where we teach you the elements of preparing delicious free-range baby roast chickens and accompaniments. Included in the price is a gourmet 4-course sit-down lunch, the hands-on cooking demonstration and limited wine with the meal. (R950 per couple, No children under 16). More …

If any race lives to eat, it is the Lebanese, a nation of entrepreneurs who find any excuse to mix business with the pleasures of eating. Mezzes are the best known aspect of the Middle Eastern cuisine. Two of our directors have Lebanese ancestry, and have grown up celebrating most occasions with a Lebanese banquet. This workshop will explore a variety of classic Middle Eastern mezze dishes that would be part of any Lebanese celebration. In addition we will teach you the secrets of making the perfect pita breads. More …

  • Sunday 15 March at 9:30am – Getting the best from a Kettlebraai workshop.
    Whether it’s a Cadac, Weber, or any other make of Kettlebraai, once you master the finer points of cooking in these outdoor charcoal ovens, you will be amazed at how easy it is to produce perfectly cooked roasts with very little effort. We look at four classic Sunday roasts, whole chickens, beef rib roasts, leg of lamb and pork. Not only will we share the secrets of how to cook each of these roasts to absolute perfection, but we will also teach you how to make delicious side sauces to accompany each roast.  More…
  • Sunday 29 March at 9:30am – Fresh tastes of Vietnam workshop
    Vietnam has one of the richest and most varied cuisines in the world, very different to its neighbours. Fresh salad leaves and herbs play an important part in everyday meals and are ever present on the table. The Wickedfood team has spent collectively over two years in Southeast Asia, visiting the major cooking schools throughout the region, as well as spending numerous hours with street food vendors, learning the secrets of this intriguing cuisine. In this workshop, we will teach you how to make a variety of easy Vietnamese dishes, for a casual dinner party.  More…

Sale of produce

At this stage we only sell produce from Wickedfood Earth farm, on an ad hoc basis. At the moment we  have a limited number of whole pigs for sale. Should you wish to order a pig, we will arrange a slaughter date that is convenient for you. To proceed, we need an order from you by a Wednesday, EFT deposit by Friday, the animals go in on the following Monday and they will be ready for collection on Friday or Saturday morning.


All prices are calculated on slaughtered weight ex abattoir.

  • Suckling pigs come in at R70/kg and are between 6kg – 15kg. Deposit R700
  • Porkers R50/kg at around 20kg to 30kg including head. Deposit R1 200
  • Wild boar  ± 35kg ex skin and head @ R50/kg. Deposit R1 600

For breaking the animal down into 8 basic cuts + odd bits and packed into butchers bags we charge R5/kg. For more detailed butchering we charge R10/kg.


We have a variety of  of fresh vegetables for sale on a come-and-pick basis (minimum charge R100, weekdays 9 -4, Saturdays 9-11), including:

  • Both white and purple big, fleshy, sweet  aubergine (R20/kg);
  • Tomatillos (R20/kg);
  • 2 varieties of  heirloom tomatoes (R15/kg);
  •  Pepperdews (R20/kg);
  •  Okra –  perfect for gumbo, or as they eat them in India, simply deep-fried, with a little bit of chilli salt, more delicious than chips (R20/kg);
  • Limited beans (R15/kg);
  • Large French garlic (R15 each) and purple garlic (R10).

Please make an appointment at least 24 hours in advance to ensure someone is available to help you.

For more information, or to book:

Contact Cilla on 076 236-2345 or cilla@wickedfood.co.za