Autumn is definitely upon us, mild days and cool nights, we are already down into single figures at night. Now is the time to be planting for your winter food garden – garlic, onions, cabbage, salads, beetroot, kale  and a lot more, see our winter vegetable guide for more …


Autumn Feast

To celebrate the the season’s harvest, Wickedfood Earth Farm, in conjunction with Slow Food, is hosting an Autumn Feast next Sunday, 17 April. The 5-course feast will also celebrate out pork project, which will include a presentation on the project, and a tasting of many of the products we have developed – more …;


Food sales

On the announcement of the termination of the  Wickedfood Earth Farm pig research project we received a lot of positive feedback from our regular clients. The good news is that we still have around 20 pigs that we will be slaughtering over the next few months, both for fresh cuts as well as turning them into the processed pork products that Wickedfood Earth Farm has become renowned for.

Orders for our delicious pork and other farm-made products are now open for collection at Wickedfood Cooking School, Sunninghill, on Saturday 16 April. Please get your order in early to avoid disappointment – orders close at COB on Wednesday 13 April. See below for details, or click here to receive an order form.

Specials include:

  • Pork pack special (minimum 10 working days lead-in time) – we have 3 to choose from dependent on the size of your family:
    • Mixed pork pack @ R970, you save R200 – 5 packs chops (2 per pack ±350g-400g), 1 small belly (±1,6kg), 1 medium leg roast (±2,6kg), 2 x 300g breakfast sausage, 2 x 500g pork sausage, 2 x 200g sliced ham, 2 x 200g loin + 2 x 200g belly bacon, 2 x 200g coppa, 1 quince puree, 1 curried peach relish, and 1 BBQ sauce;
    • Half pig pack 1 @ R1 690, you save over R460 – 11 x 6,5kg shoulder, 1 x ±1,6kg neck, ±10 packs chops (2 per pack), 2 medium bellies,  ±6kg leg – 2 roasts, 1 x 300g fillet, 2 hocks, ±2kg stew bones, 1 BBQ sauce.
    • Half pig pack 2 @ R1 790, you save over R460 –  same as half pig pack 1, with 5 x 500g sausage and 5 x  500g pulled pork in place of the shoulder roast.
  • Meat box combinations where you save up to 20% by ordering the combination:
    • Pork braai pack – 4 pork chops, 2 x 500g Italian style pork sausage, 1 bottle BBQ sauce @ R190
    • Breakfast pack – 2 x 200g belly bacon, 2 x 200g loin bacon, 2 x breakfast sausage @ R195
    • Cold meat lunch pack – 200g sliced ham, 100g coppa, 500g pulled pork, 1 bottle curried peach relish @ R140.

Regular products

  • Fresh frozen pork chops –  2 per ±400g pack @ R40 each;
  • Cured meats  – coppa 100g packs at R40 each;
  • Hot smoked sliced cooked ham – 200g vacuum packs @ R40 each, great for salads or on sandwiches – see this delicious recipe;
  • Hot smoked bacon – 200g vacuum packs of belly and loin bacon @ R40 each;
  • Pulled pork – ideal for casual no-fuss entertaining, each 500g pack is enough for 6 pulled pork gourmet rolls, just heat through and serve, R60 per pack;
  • Our famous pork sausage – thin pure pork breakfast sausage 300g packs @ R35, and chourizo (raw and hot smoked),  Italian style – 500g packs @ R50 each;
  • New season venison boerewors – 500g packs @ R60 each.


Recipe of the month

Our Hot smoked sliced cooked ham is becoming a firm favourite. Apart from the obvious ham and cheese sandwich, try it with our tuna sauce more…

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