As the end of summer fast approaches, we are frantic on Wickedfood Earth Farm with the lambing season, getting the last of the summer harvest stored for the winter, in bottles as well as drying, preparing for our Pop-up Deli and deliveries for the online market at Wickedfood Cooking School, Sunninghill, as well as two exciting food related workshops at Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School this month:

  • Sunday 20 March at 9:30am  – Sustainable Living workshop – Planning and planting a winter garden;
  • Monday 28 March 10:00Flavours of the North African kitchen Cooking Workshop

The other big news from Wickedfood Earth Farm is that our 4 year pig research project has finally come to an end.  Over the past 4 years we have bred over 300 pigs in a totally free-range system. We feel that unfortunately the market in Gauteng is not yet ready for such a niche product and over the next two months we will be selling off the remainder of our herd, and just keeping a small nucleus breeding group for our own consumption and for training.

For you,  this will be a great opportunity to purchase this very unique product. In celebration of the project we will be putting together a number of workshops and functions, including:

  • Mid April – A 5-course feast to celebrate the project, which will include a presentation on the project, and a tasting of many of the products we have developed – more …;
  • Early May – Charcuterie weekend – where we will will share the knowledge we have accumulated over the last 4 years on processing pork. The 2-day course will include butchering a pig into the various cuts, sausage making, and curing including coppa, pancetta, bacon and ham – more ….

We will be putting together a few good value combination meat boxes, click here for more details. Click here for more on our pig project.

Food sales

With the Easter weekend fast approaching, we have planned some great meat box specials. We have planned two collection opportunities for March:

Apart from our regular pork product and wide range of preserves, we also have some a selection of specials for the next 2 weeks:

  • Autumn lamb (minimum 10 working days lead-in time) – Half lambs @ ±6kg from R110/kg and whole lambs @ ±12kg from R95/kg;
  • Mutton – limited cuts  – including large legs ±4kg and chops;
  • Pork pack special (minimum 10 working days lead in time) – we have 3 to choose from dependent on the size of your family, discounted 20% below individual item prices Each pack consists of chops, pork belly, leg roast, breakfast and Italian style sausage, sliced ham, bacon, coppa, and 3 of our relishes.- more …

Food workshops

For the remainder of March we have a lot on offer:

  • Sunday 20 March at 9:30am  – Sustainable living – Planning and planting a winter garden workshop Become more sustainable, learn the secrets of how to establish a winter vegetable garden, compost making, seasonal crops and crop rotation. Included is a delicious 3-course lunch. (R650pp, No children under 16) More ….
  • Monday 28 March 10:00 – Flavours of the North African kitchen Cooking Workshop. A hands-on cooking class at our Country Cooking School. Learn about the exotic spices that make up the spicy flavours of the ancient cuisine of North Africa. Together we prepare a spicy North African banquet of unusual salads, meaty tagines, couscous and sweet pastries. After cooking together for the morning we sit down and enjoy the  banquet we have prepared. R495pp, No children under 16. More …

News from Wickedfood Earth Farm

As the end of summer fast approaches, we are getting the last of our summer harvest into bottles. At the moment we are bottling:

  • the last of our delicious peach BBQ sauce;
  • our popular tomato and aubergine pasta sauce (also delicious as a dip with good bread, a side dish with fish, or a base for a quick mince sauce or pizza), made from 8 different verities of tomato and 5 different variety of aubergine, all grawn on the farm;
  • quinces in a sweet red wine syrup;
  • pomegranate molasses, great in salad dressing in place of  of balsamic vinegar, or as a drizzle over sliced pork or lamb roasts and chops.
  • Our tomatillos are ripening and we are busy developing a variety of exciting new product. A tomatillo, also known as a Mexican husk tomato, is a plant of the nightshade family bearing spherical yellow,  green or green-purple fruit. We will have a limited number of fresh tomatillo for sale at our Saturday Pop-up Deli, click here for recipes.

Wickedfood Earth Farm is busy preparing for the winter. Now is the time to start planting:

  • in seedling trays for winter vegetables – spinach, Swiss chard, cabbages (try Chinese cabbage, very easy to grow), lettuce;
  • direct into the ground at the end of March, beginning April – garlic, beetroot, carrots, kohlrabi, turnip, onion, broad beans and peas.

Apart from vegetables, we are also busy extending our fruit orchard, with additional plums, apricots, and an apple and pear orchard. Incidentally it has been a very strange year. After a relatively good harvest, in mid-February our plum trees started to flower again and have set a second lot of fruit.

With regards to our livestock on Wickedfood Earth Farm:

  • Our indigenous Pedi sheep flock – We have been blessed with a bumper lambing season, and fortunately our careful veld management, coupled with the late rain has certainly given them a great start in life. Hopefully we will still receive good rains in the next few months which will see us through the winter grazing period.
  • Our cattle are in a good condition and we plan our first slaughter in the next few weeks. We plan to dry age our meat for a minimum of 2-3 weeks and hope to have a selection of cuts available for sale towards the middle of April.

For more information contact: