Every year for the Christmas season, Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School kitchens prepare a section of festive artisanal cured and processed hams, cold meats, sausages, preserves and pickles, all great Christmas presents or that something extra for the table, for no-fuss celebrations.

We will be open for collections and to hand slice meats on Monday 17 December between 10 and 12 (please note for security reasons our gate is closed, call Cilla on 076 236-2345 to open). Please let us know by COB on Friday 14 December if you to visit. We will also be offering a light mezze lunch at 12:00 @ R150pp, booking essential.

Products for 2018 include:

  • Hams – We have once again produced limited hand-crafted hams for Christmas. Each ham is individually cured, dependent on its weight, using time-honoured, artisanal practises. All our hams are selected from our own free-range pigs. We do not use preservatives, or liquid smoke. Once cured, our hams are vacuum packed and flash frozen to lock in flavour, perfect for a hot Christmas day.


  • Hot smoked cured ham –  De-boned, cured in a brine, as below, and then hot smoked. They are already cooked, and are delicious served cold, with either a mustard sauce, sweet pickle or marjoram salsa. Hot smoked hams are between ±1,3kg and ±2,4kg, at R190/kg.
  • Brined ham (gammon) –  A pork leg that has been cured in a salt/sugar brine solution, cold smoked and then cured further. This ham first needs to be boiled, before it is brushed with a glaze and then roasted in the oven. We still have 2  available,  5,3 and 4,4kg, at R190/kg;
  • Our cured meats – cut to order, great for Christmas cold meat platters – coppa, pancetta, and smoked beef carpaccio, and some great other specials;
  • Liver and pork pâté both in 250ml ramekins, perfect for canapes or party of a mezze platter;
  • Cold smoked bacon –  Dry cured with our special spice cure and cold smoked by local master smoker, Roy Gibbs;
  • Pedi lamb – We have a herd of indigenous veld raised Pedi sheep. We will be slaughtering and butchering 3 on order for  Christmas;
  • Our famous sausage –  beef boerewors; plain pork sausages; classic Italian style sausage and spicy pork chorizo.
  • Lard – Pure rendered pork fat, perfect for the ultimate crispy roast potatoes;
  • Meat stock and bone broth – rich and intense, a perfect base for the best ever gravy;
  • Preserves, jams, relishes and bottled fruit, all hand made from Wickedfood Earth Farm fruit and vegetables.
  • Certified free-range chickens – ±1,3kg @ R78 each (R60,25/kg).

Order – Mike, 060 761-0885, earth@wickedfood.co.za