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Thank you for the great support for our first Wickedfood Online Market. Due to its great success, we plan a further 3 online shopping experiences for the year,  Saturday 29 November, 13 and 20 December. We are in the process of developing an interactive online store. This however takes time to ensure that it works well as well as being secure. In the interim we are working on a very simple system where you place an order from the items listed below, by simply copying and pasting whatever you would like to order. We will then invoice and reserve the relevant products on your order ( Please note that should we not receive payment with in 24-hour of sending out your invoice, we will simply cancel the order.)

Products available –  Saturday 29 November

(Please ensure that all orders are in no later than this Sunday 23th November.)

  • Pork – We have both fresh whole pigs and frozen pork cuts available. The fresh pigs weigh in at ±28kg each, slaughtered, and are available whole at R60 per kg, (we will cut it up for you into shoulders, rib roasts, belly and leg roasts). Frozen pork cuts available are as follows:
    • shoulders (including neck) – ±3kgs – R200
    • rib roast – ±2.2kg – R180
    • fillets – ±200g – R45
    • belly – ± 1kg – R75
    • legs – ±3kg – R240
  • Wild boar -We have a few wild boar available. Once slaughtered, these animals are skinned and therefore do not have a skin for crackling. The meat however is full of flavour and very lean.  They weigh in at ±32kg each and are available either whole at R1 800 each, (we will cut it up for you into shoulders, rib roasts, belly and leg roasts) or available in individual cuts as priced below.
  • shoulder – ±3,4kgs – R205
  • neck – ±1,4kgs – R115
  • rib roast – ±2.2kg – R190
  • fillets  (wrapped in pancetta)- ±220g – R30
  • belly – ± 1,4kg – R95
  • legs (can be divided into 3 separate roasts) – ±4,7kg – R380
  • Stew packs – ±6 x 1kg packets – R50 per packet

  • Suckling pig – We have 2 x half suckling pigs available, each weighing in at ±6,5kgs @ R500 each. We have dressed these and are perfect  to roast  on the braai, as you would do a butterflied leg of lamb. We have whole free-range suckling pigs at R80/kg – see here  for more information. With Christmas coming up, suckling pig is a perfect alternative. The smaller ones roast perfectly in an oven. While the larger ones, are perfect for a spit braai. We have the following sizes available at the moment:
    • Small  ±8kg each
    • Medium  ±12kg each
    • Large  ±16kg each
  • Pedi lambPedi sheep are indigenous to our area. Not only do they have a fantastic flavour, but because they  are indigenous, there are incredibly hardy which means that we do not need to dose them on a regular basis with antibiotics as is the case with many exotic sheep breeds. We will be slaughtering one young ram early next week. They come in at around 10 kg slaughtered weight, and will be selling it at R995. Included in the price will be cutting the lamb up,  packaging and labelling.
  • Dairy– our cream and milk comes from Quiet Mountain’s jersey herd. All products are made from unpasteurized organic milk.
    • Double cream – ±250g @ R20 per container.
    • Butter – ±500g @ R30 per tub, keeps indefinitely in the freezer.
    • Yoghurt – 1L  @ R30 per bucket.
    • Cream cheese – 250g @ R30 per container.
  • Vegetables– sourced from our own farm, or Murray and Dayn our two local young farmers.  All fruit and vegetables are grown along organic principles, unless otherwise stated.
    • Apricots  the first of this year’s crop – R30/kg
    • Carrots R5 per bunch
    • Beetroot R10 per bunch
    • Leeks (large) R10 per bunch of 3
    • Courgettes R12 per 250g
    • Swiss Chard R7 per pillow pack
    • Large cucumbers R7 each – not organic
    • Cocktail tomatoes – R10 per punnet – not organic
    • Green beans – R12 per punnet
    • Garlic R10 per large head
    • Shallottes R15 a bunch
  • Free-range eggs – R12 per ½ doz box
  • Rusks –  due to popular demand, we once again able to supply a variety of rusks:
    •  buttermilk, mosbolletjie and aniseed – are R25 per 425g packet.
    • health, diabetic and all-bran – R30 per 425g packet.
  • Preserves – While you collect your order, remember that we have a wide variety of our preserves for sale, and a limited amount of cured meat, sliced and vacuum packed

Thank you for your support.

Mike Crewe-Brown

Project Co-ordinator

Wickedfood Earth

072 548-8814



Nominated for the 2014 Eat Out Awards

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