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Once again we had great support for the last Wickedfood Online Market, thank you to all of you for the support and words of encouragement. And as our Christmas gift to you, as a thank you for the fantastic support many of you have given us over the past year, all orders over R1 000 will receive a 10% discount on the entire order.

The Wickedfood Online Market format is simple – you place an order before Sunday 7 December, we process and invoice, you collect on the following Saturday, 13 December between 09h00 and 11h00. (Remember to bring along your cool box).

Farm news

Over the past two weeks the farm has been frantic. Despite the severe hailstorm a few weeks back, we still had a bumper crop of apricots and peaches.

The kitchen staff is hard at work making preserves, jams, chutneys, atchars and ice-cream – we have two new young local trainees learning the ropes.

Pork recipes

On our website we have posted a host of delicious pork recipes to help you cook the perfect meal with our free-range pork. These include:

Other pork recipes worth trying include:

Wickedfood Online Market

For our next market we have a stunning 60+ items available, many of them perfect as Christmas gifts or items that will be delicious for the Christmas meal. Products range from our whole suckling pigs, porkers and wild boar, lamb and cured meats, to free-range chickens, eggs, organic vegetables, preserves and ice cream.

Products available for the online market include:

Suckling pigs – proper free-range suckling pigs at only R80/kg. With Christmas coming up, suckling pig is a perfect alternative. The smaller ones roast perfectly in an oven, and the larger ones are perfect for a spit braai – Recipe.

  • Small – ±8kg each
  • Medium – ±12kg each
  • Large – ±18kg each

Porkers – a porker is a pig weighing in at anything between 20kg and 50kg. This is the normal size of pig processed for butcheries.

  • Whole pigs  – between 30kg and 40kg each, @ R60 per kg (packaged weight). We will break them down and vacuum them into cuts.
  • Other cuts include:, mince and hocks chops – 4 per pack, bellies, leg roasts.

Wild boar – 3  available. Once slaughtered, animals are skinned. The meat is full of flavour and very lean.  They weigh in at ±32kg each and are available either whole at R1 800 each, (we will cut it up for you into shoulders, rib roasts, belly and leg roasts) or available in individual cuts including shoulders, belly and leg roasts of various sizes, from ±1kg to ±5kg (great as a centrepiece for a Christmas roast, for 10+ people).

Pedi sheep are indigenous to our area. Not only do they have a fantastic flavour, but because they are indigenous, they are incredibly hardy which means that we do not need to dose them on a regular basis with antibiotics as is the case with many exotic sheep breeds. We will be slaughtering one young ram early next week. They come in at around 10kg slaughtered weight, and we’ll be selling it at R995. Included in the price will be cutting the lamb up, packaging and labeling. Individual cuts available include legs and shoulders.

Cured and processed pork include: coppa – prepacked or sliced to order, pancetta, pork sausage, pork pies, and rillettes (a type of meat pâté, slow cooked, shredded belly).

Free-range chickens – whole frozen birds, ranging in size from around 600g to 1, 3kg.

Free-range eggs

Vegetables – sourced from our own farm, Murray and Dayn our two local young farmers. All fruit and vegetables are grown along organic principles, unless otherwise stated. Crops available include carrots, leeks, courgettes, Swiss chard pillow packs, large cucumbers, sweet cocktail tomatoes, yellow and green beans, green peppers and garlic.

Preserves – our staff has been hard at work processing peaches and apricots. So far they have managed to process apricots halves in syrup, apricot chutney, apricot jam, and peach and apricot atchar. We have also bottled our vinegar syrups – mulberry, raspberry and strawberry, and the first of our chilli sauce.

Ice cream – we have started making our own ice cream, using our fruit, real cream, yoghurt and free-range eggs. Flavours available at present are peach and yoghurt, apricot, as well as apricot sorbet.

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Please note, all payments must be made prior to collection either via credit card or EFT. Once we receive your order form we will process it and invoice. Please bear in mind that for many of the products, there are limited quantities and therefore, we will allocate on a first-come first-served basis. Once invoiced, should we not receive payment within 24 hours, your order will automatically lapse and the products you have ordered will go back into stock.


We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your support.

Mike Crewe-Brown

Project Co-ordinator

Wickedfood Earth

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