Hi all

The Wickedfood Earth market has been postponed due to the fact that Mike’s back collapsed and he had to have major back surgery. He is now thankfully out of hospital but is laid up on his back for at least the next six weeks. Thank you to all of you who have sent him good wishes.

After much deliberation, we have decided that we would however, like to continue with our market concept, but in a new format – you place an order, we process and invoice, you collect on a Saturday between 09h00 and 11h00. (Remember to bring along your cool box).

With regards to the meat, unfortunately Mike is unable to stand to do intricate butchering, and we have therefore decided that we will sell whole carcasses only, broken down into major cuts – see below. We have to work approximately ten days in advance, ie you need to place an order by this Saturday (8th November) so that we can then book the animals in at the abattoir, send them in for slaughter the following Monday and collect and portion the following Friday, for collection by you the Saturday immediately after. Due to this fact, we will only know the exact cost of the animal, once we have portioned it.

Each week from Wednesday 12th November, we will be sending out a newsletter listing available products. Should you wish to order, we would ask that you send us a reply when we will then send you a detailed order form. Once we receive this order form we will process it and invoice. Please bear in mind that for many of the products, there are limited quantities and therefore, we will allocate on a first-come first-served basis.
Once invoiced, should we not receive payment within 24 hours, your order will automatically lapse and the products you have ordered will go back into stock.

Products available for next Saturday 15th November  

(Please ensure that all orders are in no later than this Saturday 8th November.)

Porkers – a porker is a pig weighing in at anything between 20kg and 50kg. This is the normal size of pig processed for butcheries.

We have 4 available at between 30kg and 40kg each, @ R60 per kg (packaged weight). We will break them down and vacuum them into the following cuts:

  • Leg roasts – 2 (perfect for slow roasting, or as well as butterflied and cooked on a kettle braai).
  • Bellies – 2
  • Loin chop roasts – 2 (we can further split each one in half again. We unfortunately do not have the facilities to cut these into individual chops. You can either roast these on or off the bone).
  • Shoulders – 2 (once again perfect for slow roasting, alternatively great de-boned and cubed for stews. This cut also includes the neck, one of the tastiest cuts, to roast or kettle braai).
  • Odd bits – 1 head, 1 tail, 4 hocks and 4 trotters.

Suckling pigs – retailing at anything between R90/kg and R120/kg, we are giving you proper free-range suckling pigs at only R80/kg for this week. With Christmas coming up, suckling pig is a perfect alternative. The smaller ones roast perfectly in an oven. While the larger ones, are perfect for a spit braai. All those ordering suckling pigs will also automatically receive detailed recipes on how to cook them.


  • Small – 10 at ±5kg each
  • Medium 3 at ±8kg each
  • Large 5 ±11kg each

Dairy – our cream and milk comes from Quiet Mountain’s jersey herd. All products are made from unpasteurized organic milk.

  • Double cream – ±250g @ R20 per container.
  • Butter – ±500g @ R30 per tub, keeps indefinitely in the freezer.

Vegetables – sourced from our own farm, or Murray and Dayn our two local young farmers.  All fruit and vegetables are grown along organic principles, unless otherwise stated.

  • Peaches  the first of this year’s crop – R25 for six
  • Carrots R5 per bunch
  • Beetroot R10 per bunch
  • Leeks (large) R10 per bunch of 3
  • Courgettes R12 per 250g
  • Swiss Chard R7 per pillow pack
  • Large cucumbers R7 each – not organic
  • Garlic R10 per large head
  • Shallottes R15 a bunch

Free-range eggs – R12 per ½ doz box

While you collect your order, remember that we have a wide variety of our preserves for sale, and a limited amount of cured meat, sliced and vacuum packed.

We look forward to hearing from you –  Click here to send an email order.

Thank you for your support.

Mike Crewe-Brown

Project Co-ordinator
Wickedfood Earth
072 548-8814
Nominated for the 2014 Eat Out Awards