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This is the last newsletter from Wickedfood Online Market, for the year. Thank you to all of you for the support and words of encouragement. For all of you going away, have a restful, safe break.

We have just finished processing our main crop of fruit – apricots and peaches. We have turned these into delicious jams, fruits in syrup, atchars, relishes and chutneys. On our website we have posted a host of delicious pork recipes to help you cook the perfect meal with our free-range pork.

To all of you staying behind, we will still have two collection dates for end of year planed (please note you have to order beforehand so that we can ensure that we have product ready for collection for you).

  • Wednesday 24 December – we still have a limited number of dressed geese available at between 2kg and 4 kg. We are selling these at R80/kg dressed. Should you be interested, please let us know before close of business on Friday 19 December.

  • Wednesday 31 December – we’ve had a number of enquiries for suckling pig for new years celebrations. We will be slaughtering a few especially for the occasion. Again should you be interested, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can make slaughtering arrangements. These are proper free-range suckling pigs at only R80/kg. The smaller ones roast perfectly in an oven, and the larger ones are perfect for a spit braai – Recipe.
    • Small – ±8kg each
    • Medium – ±12kg each
    • Large – ±18kg each

Apart from these specials, we also have the following available:

  • Pedi sheep are indigenous to our area. Not only do they have a fantastic flavour, but because they are indigenous, there are incredibly hardy which means that we do not need to dose them on a regular basis with antibiotics as is the case with many exotic sheep breeds. We will be slaughtering one young ram early next week. They come in at around 10kg slaughtered weight, and we’ll be selling it at R995. Included in the price will be cutting the lamb up, packaging and labeling.
  • Cured and processed pork includes: coppa – prepacked or sliced to order, pancetta and rillettes (a type of meat pâté, slow cooked, shredded belly)

  • Free-range chickens – whole frozen birds, ranging in size from around 600g to 1, 3kg.
  • Free-range eggs
  • Vegetables – sourced from our own farm, Murray and Dayn our two local young farmers. All fruit and vegetables are grown along organic principles, unless otherwise stated. Crops available include Swiss chard pillow packs, large cucumbers, sweet cocktail tomatoes, large tomatoes, green beans, green peppers and garlic.
  • Preserves – peaches and apricots as well as our bottled vinegar syrups – mulberry, raspberry and strawberry, and the first of our chilli sauce.
  • Ice cream – we have started making our own ice cream, using our fruit, real cream, yoghurt and free-range eggs. Flavours available at present are peach and yoghurt, apricot, as well as apricot sorbet.

Should you wish to receive an order form, please be kind enough to send me an e-mail with the word “Order” in the subject line, as soon as possible.

Please note, all payments must be made prior to collection either via credit card or EFT. Once we receive your order form we will process it and invoice. Please bear in mind that for many of the products, there are limited quantities and therefore, we will allocate on a first-come first-served basis. Once invoiced, should we not receive payment within 24 hours, your order will automatically lapse and the products you have ordered will go back into stock.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your support.

Mike Crewe-Brown

Project Co-ordinator

Wickedfood Earth

072 548-8814



Nominated for the 2014 Eat Out Awards

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