Spring is officially here and boy did it arrive with a bang! With the recent hot weather, all the fruit trees are in bloom and most of the peach and nectarine trees have already set fruit.  We are starting to harvest the first of our garlic, as green garlic, fragrant and sweet when added to stews, soups and stir-fries – see our recipe of the month below.

We’ve had our first summer storm –  a magnificent light show which set a veld fire, fortunately extinguished with the accompanying rain. There were even reports of hail, thankfully missing us.

This month we will once again be doing a Meat Box dropoff at Wickedfood Cooking School, Sunninghill, or Pretoria Botanical Gardens on 12 September or collection at Wickedfood Earth in Hekpoort by prior arrangement. Please get your order in early to avoid disappointment – orders close at COB on Wednesday 9 September. See below for details, or click here to receive an order form.

On Sunday 29 September we are hosting the next of our Wickedfood Earth Farm Country lunches – an Earth Feast built around our ethically raised pork, see below for more details.

On-line shop

You can choose between our meat box of specially selected products (at a discounted price), or make up your own order. Orders are now open for drop-off at Wickedfood Cooking School, Sunninghill, or Pretoria Botanical Gardens on 12 September or collection at Wickedfood Earth in Hekpoort by prior arrangement. Please note orders close at COB on Wednesday 9 September.

All our products are made from our own free-range, growth-hormone and antibiotic-free meat, slow grown for maximum flavour. Our meat has no MSG, and is liquid smoke, nitrate & nitrite, gluten and cereal free. Click here to order.

This week’s special

  • 700g whole salamis at only R140 each.  Our salamis have been slowly maturing over the winter, and are now at their optimum.
  • Goose eggs – the season only lasts about one month, and our geese are laying. 1 goose egg = ±2 extra large chicken eggs, great for omelettes and baking. We are selling them at R15 for 4.
  • For dog lovers, we have a treat, Venison droewors @ R25 for a pack, great value (our dogs love it).

Meat box  – (Total value – over R650, you pay R590):

Each month Wickedfood Earth farm puts together a selection of fresh and artisanly cured meat products, a selection of truly unique meats from ethically raised animals .  A work of art, a labour of love! – see below for details. Click here to receive an order form.

  • Pork – 4 baby pork chops (±400g), 1 x small pork belly (±1kg), 500g spicy pork (chourizo) sausage, 500g pulled pork;
  • Venison – 2 loin chops (±200g), 500g venison mince; 500g  venison boerewors;
  • 5 x cured cold meats – 100g coppa (cured pork neck), loin, pancetta and salami, and 50g venison cured carpaccio,  250ml jar rillettes;
  • Vegetables – 1 x bunch shallots, 2kg sweet potatoes and 1 head new season green garlic – Recipe …

Specialist Functions

  • Sunday 27 September  at 12:30 – Earth Feast. A celebration of good food and good company. Join us for a gluttonous 4-course celebration of the beginning of the new season. Enjoy our delicious artisanal cured meats, and as a main course centre piece of the feast, slow roast pork, one of our very own free-range pigs. (Booking essential, limited space, R190pp). More …..

Recipe of the month – Green Garlic

Green Garlic 2

Around this time of year, green garlic comes into season at Wickedfood Earth farm. Green garlic or spring garlic is the young version of the garlic, before it divides itself into separate cloves. There are a lot of things to love about green garlic. more ….

Spinach and Green Garlic Soup

This is one of Wickedfood Earth‘s favourite spring recipes. Green garlic might be a bit more pungent, but its flavour  mellows nicely with cooking. If you can’t find green garlic, use regular garlic, much less, though – and some chopped leek. Recipe ….

For more information on Wickedfood and meat boxes contact

Mike on 060 761-0885 or earth@wickedfood.co.za

For bookings contact Cilla on 076 236-2345 or cilla@wickedfood.co.za