Over the past few weeks, Wickedfood Earth has once again been blessed with some great publicity. On the 702 Friday Mix Food Feature, we received a fantastic plug from Anna Trapido.

 “… He keeps the happiest pigs in South Africa. Mike’s pigs are free range, antibiotic and growth hormone free. He turns them into amazing smoked sausages, Coppa …. He will also sell you a whole suckling pig – be warned if you go to the farm to buy a suckling pig he might well introduce you to the suckling pig’s grandmother. She will be there rooting and oinking in the fields…..”

 In The Times of 04 June, Andrea Burgener wrote:

“... Wickedfood Earth is a legend in these parts and beyond. He rears pigs, chickens and geese in a manner that could perhaps be described as beyond free-range. In everyday life, pork is one of the trickiest meats, if you’re in any way concerned about animal welfare. Standard pork farming – that’s all the bacon, ham and frankfurters out there not marked as free-range – is a disturbingly brutal business. If you want to eat really well-reared pig, visit his stall and try the pulled pork buns.” 

Last Saturday, the food market moved to Cambridge Food Festival where Geoffrey and his team sold pulled pork rolls, as well as a selection of our preserves. Martie was also represented at the market selling her mosbolletjie bread, koeksisters and rusks.


This Saturday’s Community Country Food Market runs from 9am to 11am at Wickedfood Earth. As usual, some great flavours and products.

Specials for this week:

  • Meat –  all of our meat is from veld-raised animals, free range, antibiotic and hormone free. Special cuts for this week include:
    • Pork bones, perfect for making hearty winter soups;
    • Freshly smoked Kassler pork loin chops, on and off the bone;
    • Our hot smoked loin bacon;
    • Smoked country style pork sausages.
  • Fruit and vegetables
    •  Shallots;
    • Pumpkin, Jerusalem artichokes, kale and orange sweet potatoes;
    •  Spinach and kale, both fantastic winter super foods;
    • The first of this year’s pecan nut harvest.
  • Ready-made meals – roasted vegetables and Lebanese bean stew.
  • Preserves –  Strawberry, blackberry and  raspberry jam.
  • Baked goods – mosbolletjie bread, koeksisters and rusks 
  • Free-range eggs and goats milk cheese
  • Tea garden
    •  Chocolate brownies;
    •  Breakfast pitta –  filled with our very own bacon and fried egg.

Hope to see you at the market.

P.S. –  on this Sunday, 15 June, we will be running a charcuterie workshop.  We still have 3 spaces open for this hands-on class.  See the website for details  or contact Cilla on 076 236-2345 or cilla@wickedfood.co.za