Winter is definitely here, the perfect time for roasts, stews and lots of bottles of good red wine. At Wickedfood Earth farm life is as hectic as ever.  We are at present catching up with all those small little jobs that just never gets done in summer. All the maize has been harvested and turned into the most delicious polenta, on sale at our weekly market. The fields are now being made ready for the pigs’ winter pasture, where they will spend the rest of the winter, turning the soil, digging for any leftover roots and at the same time naturally composting the soil for us.

Winter is a time for pruning fruit trees which will start in the next few weeks.

Both of our cows have recently given birth, and so within the next few weeks we will start milking and making our own yoghurt again. At present we are harvesting shallots, kale, Chinese cabbage, sweet potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes.


Country Cooking School programme

Our purpose-built Country Cooking School is located ±70km north west of Fourways. We offer real country cooking classes, from how to use seasonal local ingredients and establishing your own food gardens, to kitchen confidence, and specialist skills training. We run evening, half-day, one-day and week-end classes, for both individual students as well as group classes for corporates, whether it be a fun day out with friends or colleagues, or serious teambuilding. For individual students, we run classes mainly on Sundays, with a maximum of 16 students. Each 4 to 6 students has their own fully-equipped kitchen station. Apart from the cooking classes, students also get to sit down to enjoy the meal they have prepared. – more


Programme for July and August:

Sunday 27 July at 9:30am – How to make the perfect roast (R495pp, No children under 16).

A step-by-step hands-on demonstration on the basics of 4 classic roasts – chicken, beef, lamb and pork, utilizing naturally veld-reared meat. An intensive full-day workshop, learning the secrets of roasting free-range meat, and how to make classic side dishes – perfect roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and apple sauce.

Sunday 10 August at 9:30am – Making the most of pork (R495pp, No children under 16).

Pork is one of the most popular meats  eaten around the world. We show you how easy it is to cook good quality free-range pork, the basics of cooking the 4 major roasts from a small pig, and the secrets of how to stuff and roll a belly, slow roast shoulder of pork, make pan roasted pork fillet, prepare some delicious pork mince dishes, as well as how to cook the perfect quick and easy Chinese inspired stir-fry.

Sunday 24 August at 9:30am – Delicious lamb (R495pp, No children under 16).

We farm with Pedi sheep, indigenous to our region. In this hands-on workshop, we show you how to make the perfect slow roast shoulder of lamb, a classic lamb curry, French trim a rack of lamb and roast it, and hot smoke leg of lamb.


Community Country Food Market – from 09h00 to 11h00

(see our Facebook page for special products and produce available each week at the market)

This food market located at Wickedfood Earth links local producers to consumers, as well as provides a location where foodies can get together for a quick cup of coffee, cake and chat. All food sold at this market is seasonal, locally grown and produced.

Products on the Wickedfood Earth farm, produced through our community upliftment training programme are available for sale at this market.  Apart from our products, a number of local farmers and artisanal producers from Magalies Valley, also sell their produce and products. Products for sale include:

  • pre-packed pork and lamb cuts (and beef and goat from time to time, when available);
  • pork sausage, bacon, pancetta and cured meats;
  • olives;
  • raw cows’ milk, yoghurt and cream cheese;
  • fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables;
  • jams, preserves, sauces and relishes;
  • baked goods and koeksisters;
  • tea, coffee, fresh fruit juice and cake in our small tea-garden.


Happy cooking


For more information, or to book:


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