Adobo is a Mexican paste made from fresh and/or dried chillies, herbs, spices and vinegar. There are many versions of Adobo with varies types of chillies being used in different regions. Adobo paste can be used on a variety of dishes from pork and lamb chops to  chicken pieces. For chicken use breasts, wings or thighs. With breasts you can also cube the meat and thread it onto kebab sticks with slices of onion, pepper and tomato, and braai.

At Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School we have been growing chillis and peppers for over 10 years, using them to make a variety of sauces and pastes. For our Wickedfood Earth Adobe Chilli paste we roast a blend of 8 different organically grown peppers and chilli to concentrate the flavours and give a pleasant smoky flavour. We then peel and puree them. To build the flavour profile further, we have added fresh garlic, and a blend of spices and herbs, to create a delicious hot, salty paste.

Chicken pieces  – breasts, wings or thighs

Wickedfood Earth Adobe Chilli paste

  1. Spread paste over chicken pieces. Ideally marinade over night, however they can simply marinade for 30 minutes before cooking.
  2. Cook for 40 minutes at 180ºC. Cover with tin foil after 15 minutes. Also great to braai the chicken over hot coals.
  3. Once cooked transfer to a warm serving dish and serve with wedges of lime, guacamole, green salad and white rice or chips.