Slow Food Eat Local Challenge – 5 November

In line with Slow Food International, Wickedfood Earth Farm supports World Food DaySlow Food Eat Local Challenge runs from 16 October to 5 November. For the first time, consumers and Slow Foodies around the world are uniting to raise a fork against climate change. Because when we consume vegetables that have been imported from across oceans, that’s unsustainable. Demanding to have fruit available even when it’s not in season is unsustainable. The waste generated in this supply chain is unsustainable. When you buy these products, there’s a world of middle-men and multinationals between you and your food. And most of what you pay never makes it back to the farmer.
Ask yourself: what food is grown where you live? If you choose local food from small-scale producers, you’re reducing emissions. You’re supporting your local economy. And what’s more, you’re eating fresher, healthier, more delicious food. Slow Food works with a network of small-scale producers around in order to defend their enormous wealth of local food traditions. Please support us!

Try and eat only local, seasonal food from small-scale producers near you, and ask your friends and family to do the same. Then tell us how it went!

In recognission of the Slow Food Eat Local Challenge we at Wickedfood Earth Farm are running a special mezze country lunch, this coming Sunday 5 November. This lunch, cooked by the country cooking school team, is built around the best naturally grown ingredients available from Wickedfood Earth Farm and surrounding small scale producers. The Wickedfood Earth Farm food gardens around the lunch area have been internationally recognized by Slow Food. A number of items offered on our Sunday lunch platters are also available for sale through our deli and online shop. For certain items it is advisable to pre-order to avoid disappointment.

Our lunches are built around ±15 mezze dishes to share, prepared with a strong emphases on generous portions of our:

  • award winning artisan cured meats, all produced by the country cooking school team, using our own veld raised meat;
  • selection of homemade pickles all produced in the country cooking school kitchens, using farm grown vegetables;
  • freshly made dips from organically grown vegetables and herbs (we even make our own tahini sauce) from the country cooking school’s internationally recognized food gardens;
  • imaginative salads of fruit and vegetables also from the country cooking schools food gardens;
  • Freshly baked farm bread, baked in the country cooking school’s kitchens;
  • Farm-made seasonal dessert, and old style farm coffee.


  • Mezze country lunch, served from 12 to 2pm – R195pp
  • Farm-made seasonal dessert, and coffee – add R60pp
  • Please note we are not licensed so you are welcome to bring your own drinks and ice. We supply jugs of chilled water on the tables, and glasses.

Space for this special exclusive lunch, at Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School, is limited to a maximum of 40, so book early to avoid disappointment. Guests will have a choice of sitting at our magnificent communal long table, or for parties of 4, 6, 8 or 10 at their own tables (or with enough lead-in time, you can book the venue for an exclusive event).

For more information, or to book Contact Cilla on 076 236-2345 or

Up-front booking essential, no booking confirmed without payment in full, no refunds, no children under 12 (terms and conditions apply). For your own protection, access to the property is only granted those people with bookings.