New month, new ideas. With the growing interest in Wickedfood Earth Farm’s veld-raised meat and cured meat products, this month we launch our Meat Box Club. Each month we will put together a selection of fresh and artisanly cured meat products, a selection of truly unique meats from ethically raised animals. We flash freeze and vacuum seal all our meat to lock in freshness at its peak. A work of art, labour of Love! – see below for details, or click here to receive an order form.

And for those who wish only to purchase selected items, Wickedfood Earth Farm also has a regular product list to select from – Click here to receive an order form.

At the end of this month we also start the first of our Farm Table Country Lunches. On selected Sundays we will be cooking a 4-course Sunday roast like Grandma used to do, with all the trimmings using the very best local, seasonal ingredients. Space for these very special exclusive events is very limited, so book early to avoid disappointment. See below for details.

Last month, we launched some of our products at Jackson’s Real Food Market in Riverside shopping centre, Bryanston. Pop in any time to purchase our sausage range and pork chops.

Sale of produce

Our meat has no MSG, and is liquid smoke, nitrate & nitrite, gluten and cereal free, and is therefore banting friendly. Every month we will be putting together a box of delicious veld-raised meat products, with drop-off at Wickedfood Cooking School, Sunninghill on Saturday morning – next drop-off Saturday 13 June, click here to order (or you are welcome to collect direct from the farm, by prior arrangement).

This month’s meat box – R595:

  • 1 x de-boned leg of baby pork (±1,2kg), perfect for a braai for 4 to 6 – recipe…;
  • 2 x packs of venison chops – 2 per pack;
  • 3 x 500g sausage – venison boerewors, spicy pork (chourizo) and Italian style sausage;
  • 1 x 300g thin mild breakfast sausage;
  • 2 x hot smoked bacon – 1 x loin, 1 x belly;
  • 2 x 100g packs sliced cured meats –  coppa (cured pork neck) and pancetta;
  • 1 x 80g pack sliced salami;
  • 1 x pack droewors.

Regular orders

For those who want to make up their own order, we also offer the opportunity of making up a custom order from our list of available products, which we will also drop off on Saturday 13 June to Wickedfood Cooking School in Sunninghill.

And for our regular country clients, place an order and you’re welcome to collect from Wickedfood Earth Farm at any time convenient to you. –  Click here to receive an order form.

Products available include:


  • Chops (2 and 4 per pack) and smoked Kassler ribs;
  • Baby pork de-boned legs (±1-1,5kg) – perfect for the braai, feeds 4-6  ±R140;
  • Pork bellies – ±1,5kg R120;
  • Meaty baby pork belly ribs;
  • Pork sausage (500g packets @ R50 per packet) – Italian style, apricot, quince and chourizo (fresh and hot-smoked);
  • Thin mild breakfast sausage (3oog packs @ R35 each)
  • Cured coppa, loin and pancetta (100g packs @ R40 each);
  • Salami, German style, sliced @ R25 for 80g;
  • Bacon – hot smoked  loin, and belly (200g @ R40 per pack);
  • Lard – ±250g tubs R30.

Venison cuts

  • Loin chops (2 per pack R40 each);
  • Pancetta wrapped loin – R80;
  • Carpaccio sliced and vacuumed in 50g packs @ R20;
  • Boerewors – 500g+ per packet @ R60;
  • Biltong,  and droewors R50 packets.

Fresh vegetables


A large variety of the farm’s summer fruit and vegetables naturally bottled at the height of their ripeness.

Farm Table Country Lunches

On selected Sundays we cook a 4-course Sunday Roast like Grandma used to do, with all the trimmings using the very best local, seasonal ingredients. Each Sunday’s meal will be built around a theme, be it a national cuisine or a seasonal ingredient.

Space for these very special exclusive events is very limited to a maximum of 20, so book early to avoid disappointment. Guests will have a choice of sitting at our magnificent new communal long table, or for small parties of 6, at our round table.

For an additional fee, guests will have the opportunity to spend an extra 3 hours, prior to the lunch, in the kitchen with our staff, asking questions, tasting and participating, while our team prepare the meal (limited to a maximum of 6).

  • Sunday 28 June  at 12:00 – Winter Cured Meat Feast. This will include insightful talk and tasting of the variety of cured meats and sausages that are produced on Wickedfood Earth Farm, followed by a four-course gourmet menu, including a pork roast and hearty dessert. (Booking essential, limited space, R395pp).
  • Sunday 12 July at 12:00 – Venison – the art of roasting. In South Africa we have fantastic ethically harvested venison. We showcase the best of it, from our popular air dried carpaccio and mini venison pies, to perfectly cooked venison roast, with all the trimmings, and of course a sticky winter pudding. (Booking essential, limited space, R450pp).
  • Sunday 19 July at 12:00 – Flavours of lamb from the Middle Eastern table Lamb and goat are the cornerstones of Middle Eastern cuisine. We use these ancient cooking techniques to showcase the fantastic flavour of our indigenous veld-raised Pedi sheep, descendants of the fat-tailed Persian sheep. True country cooking at its very best. (Booking essential, limited space, R450pp)

Diary of the farm

Over the last few weeks Wickedfood Earth Farm has been having great fun experimenting with different sausage and boerewors flavour profiles, all with veld-raised meat from the farm and no cereal fillers. We have made a thin mild breakfast pork sausage, and a fruity apricot pork sausage with our own dried apricots from last season’s harvest. For those who like it spicy, a classic Mexican style chourizo, as well as our popular Italian style sausage. With our venison we have packaged some thick lean loin chops and are making a venison and pork boerewors that is fast becoming a favourite, as well as droewors.

On the farm:


For more information contact Cilla on 076 236-2345 or