Welcome to this, our first newsletter of 2014. May this year bring you lots of food pleasure in the kitchen. At Wickedfood Earth we have finally got our Country Cooking School up and running. During the year this facility will host a wide variety of commercial activities, including cooking classes, team building events, a weekly Saturday country food market and an occasional pop-up restaurant.


In addition, during the week, the facility will be used as a community centre to give training to local communities on all aspects of food, from growing and harvesting to adding value. The products that are produced during this training, will be for sale at our small shop within the school. It is through the commercial activities and the sale of products that we will be able to continue funding the community centre activities.

Country Cooking School programme

Our purpose-built country cooking school is located ±70km north west of Fourways. We offer real country cooking classes, from how to use seasonal local ingredients and establishing your own food gardens, to kitchen confidence, and specialist skills training. We run evening, half-day, one-day and week-end classes, with a maximum of 16 students. Each 4 to 6 students has their own fully-equipped kitchen station. Apart from the cooking classes, students also get to sit down to enjoy the meal they have prepared.

 January programme:


Not only is suckling pig a great centrepiece for a celebration for up to 20 people, it is also a perfect option for a small family, giving 6 perfect roasts, each serving between 4 and 6 people. In this class you will be given the secrets on how to roast a suckling pig, shown how to break it down into the various joints, as well as ideas on how to cook them. We will also look at how to cook vegetables and sauces that go well with suckling pig. More….

 February programme:

Sunday 9 February at 10am  – The perfect roast chicke

Learn the skills of how to roast a chicken perfectly. In this class we will give you a number of great ideas for roast chicken, both in the oven, and how to smoke it in a kettle braai, as well as cooking seasonal vegetables. More….

Sunday 16 February – Valentine Sunday lunch

Spend a day of pure indulgence with the love of your life cooking up a storm and sampling great food – we show you how to cook the perfect  roast leg of lamb with ease.  More….

Saturday 22 February 8am to 10 am – Community Country Food market

Wickedfood Earth will be running a weekly community country food market from the premises of the Wickedfood Country Cooking School. The idea of this food market is to link local producers to consumers, as well as provide a location where locals can get together for a quick cup of coffee, cake and chat. More….

Sunday 23 February at 10am – Seasonal cooking,  Vegetables

How to make the most of fresh seasonal produce. This is a great class for both kitchen beginners, as well as those looking for new ideas in the kitchen. More….

 Produce for sale

Over the past six months we have been bottling madly, making an array of delicious jams, relishes and chutneys.

Our dry-cured pork loin

We have been experimenting with charcuterie, adding value to our beautiful growth hormone and antibiotic free, free-range pigs. We have made some delicious sausages, and cured meats, including green bacon, Coppa, Pancetta and dry-cured loin. We are now at a stage where we are about to start packaging these products for sale. To begin with they will be available at the Country Cooking School and our country market. We are also in the process of identifying outlets in Johannesburg where we will be able to sell the products.


Happy cooking


For more information, or to book:

Contact Cilla on 076 236-2345 or cilla@wickedfood.co.za