Wickedfood Earth 2023 Charcuterie Workshop in Gauteng

When: 3 to 4 June

Where: Wickedfood Earth Farm in the Magalies Valley in Gauteng.

Wickedfood Earth Farm has become synonymous with free-range pork and top quality charcuterie, including our range of sausage, coppa, pancetta, bacon and ham. At our country cooking school we offer hands-on charcuterie workshops where we share the knowledge we have accumulated over the years on processing pork and other meats. Included in the price is coffee and tea on arrival, the in-depth hands-on workshop, and lunch. To give every participant a good hands-on experience these classes are limited to a maximum of 12 participants per workshop.

In 2022, for the first time, the Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School Team did a series of Charcuterie Workshop roadshows around South Africa. For 2023 again, from May to September, we’ll be traveling to major centres and visiting smaller farming communities around the country to run a series of 2- and 3-day hands-on workshops. More…

In-depth 2-day charcuterie workshop R3 495pp.

An introduction to the wonderful world of charcuterie. This hands-on 2 full day workshop, includes all ingredients and lunch on both days. In this charcuterie workshop we will introduce you to the basics of the 2 main arts of meat curing – whole muscle dry curing, how to make 2 classic pork sausages, and the basics of making salami.

Day onePork butchery and Whole muscle curing

  • The science and theory of whole muscle curing – extensive notes and explanation of exactly how the process works including the use of different salts, drying and smoking techniques.
  • How to break down a pig for charcuterie – hands-on demonstration of how to break down a pig carcass and the different charcuterie cuts;
  • Whole Muscle Curing – the basics of dry curing for pancetta, bacon and coppa;

Day twoMaking of Sausage and Salami

  • The science and theory of making wet and dry sausage – extensive notes and explanation of exactly how the process works including salting, spicing, cultures, grinding, filling and drying.
  • The basics of making 2 perfect pork sausages –  for two very different classic pork sausages;
  • Meat fermentation and how to make a basic pork salami – how spices and preservatives work, and grinding, stuffing and drying a classic salami.


To book for the Workshop and Accommodation mail Cilla cilla@wickedfood.co.za (076 236-2345)

Classes are limited to a maximum of 12 students for these hands-on cooking classes. (Terms and conditions apply)