Building on the success of the last Pedi event at Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School, the cooking school held its second Pedi Lamb Feast 13 May 2018 to showcase that veld-raised Pedi lamb and mutton have more flavour than most lamb from the famed Karoo meat. Using unique cooking methods and seasonal produce we created a memorable  autumn feast.

At Wickedfood Earth we run a small breeding herd of  indigenous Pedi sheep. The Pedi sheep breed occurred originally  south of the Soutpansberg and are typical of indigenous sheep found throughout southern Africa. It is an easy sheep to farm with and produces a good quality meat as well as a distinctive hair hide.


The feast had a strong Middle Eastern undertones.  Apart from the meal, Mike gave an insightful talk about ethically-raised indigenous veld-raised meat in general as well as why Pedi sheep meat is superior, and the secrets on how we at Wickedfood Earth Farm country cooking school get the best out of cooking with it. All recipes used are authentic, handed down to Cilla from her grandmother, a Lebanese emergent. First course– mezze

  • Hummus – chickpeas, with tahini made from sesame seed, organically grown on the farm;
  • Kibbe  – Lebanon’s national dish, a raw, spiced mutton similar to tartare;
  • Sheep’s head terrine – slow roasted sheep’s head, stripped from the bone, seasoned and pressed to a chunky terrine, served with sweet pickled watermelon;
  • Sheep salami – showcasing the clean flavour of slow aged quality veld raised lamb;
  • Labneh – Farm made soft yoghurt cheese;
  • Pita bread – Freshly baked.

Two tone watermelon granita Second Course – Roast lamb platter

  • Lamb shoulder – oven roasted;
  • Leg of lamb – de-boned, fire roasted;
  • Mutton ribs – hot smoked then grilled over wood coals;
  • Mutton sausage – Farm made, with sosatie seasoning, served with maize couscous;
  • Bean stew – with farm grown fresh beans and heirloom tomato sauce;
  • Side sauces
    • Oregano and parsley salsa;
    • Tahini and yoghurt sauce.


  • Baklava – layers of filo pastry and local farm butter, farm grown dried apricots, locally grown pecan nuts, and real farm clotted cream.

.     Wickedfood Earth Farm is proud to be a member of Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance, South Africa. The Alliance is an international network of chefs who are committed to promoting the Presidia products, the Ark of Taste and small-scale, locally produced “good, clean and fair” foods, safeguarding agricultural biodiversity at risk of extinction and giving visibility and the proper value to their supplying producers.