How you can get involved

For the project to succeed, we are going to need a wide pool of advisers, mentors, sponsors and volunteers to help us to realize the Wickedfood Earth® dream. We invite you to become involved in this project in one of the following ways:

1. Become a Wickedfood Earth® mentor/adviser

Wickedfood Earth® needs to rely on a wide network of mentors and advisers whom we can call on on a regular basis to:

  • Donate time and expertise to assist, with regards to feasibility studies, layouts, design, etc (information gathered at meetings and on site will be captured on this website);
  • Use the Wickedfood Earth® project as a working model to showcase your expertise to our target market.
  • Become involved commercially on an ongoing basis with regards to conducting seminars and workshops from time to time at Wickedfood Earth®;

    Watertanks kindly donated by Duys Rotomoulders

2. Use Wickedfood Earth® as a showcase

Wickedfood Earth® is building as a showcase for the public of self-sustainable living. We are inviting serious p

layers within the different segments of sustainability and an eco-friendly lifestyle supply chain to participate in this exciting project, by:

  • Installing your equipment into the project to demonstrate its operating capabilities as well as to ensure the smooth operating of Wickedfood Earth®.
  • Use the Wickedfood Earth® project as a research facility to test the long-term viability/potential/operating capacity of your product.
  • Conduct seminars and workshops at Wickedfood Earth® with regards to the feasibility and operating procedures/efficiency of your equipment/products;


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