For Wickedfood Earth, as well a for thousands of small businesses out there, the latest announcement regarding the Corona Virus has come as a huge shock to us. For many years we’ve been told that small business is the backbone of our economy. According to our information – “….. the presidency has prohibited gatherings of more than 100 people……”

As a small, family-owned business that is responsible for the employment of less privileged members of our society, who will have no other form of income if we close, even temporarily. we will remain open for business so that hopefully we can pay their wages and the bills. Wickedfood Earth  will continue to host our events. In line with Public Health guidance and following additional control measures, Wickedfood Earth will continue to host small events for 4 to 30 guests, limited to a maximum of 2 events per week. Joining us, I believe, presents a level of risk of infection that is not significantly greater than going about regular daily life, or going to work in an office or factory, and a lot less risk then using public transport.

Our farm is isolated, and a large portion of the events take place in the great outdoors, in a natural open-air environment that is scientifically proven to boost our immune system and fight infections & diseases. We have increased our already robust cleaning and hygiene methods.

I implore everybody to continue supporting local small businesses. We do not have the resources of the big corporates during this time to tide us over for even one month. It is up to all of us to pull, carry and support each other if we are to survive. Support local. Thank you.