Join the Wickedfood Earth Team for a hands-on 2 full day Venison Charcuterie Workshop, where we’ll show you how to break down a large antelope, and introduce you to the basics of the three main arts of venison curing, whole muscle dry curing and aging; brining whole cuts for corned venison and hot smoking; and how to make 2 classic sausages, and the basics of making real droewors from scratch and a spicy venison salami. 

When9 to 10 September from 9:30am on both days;

Where: Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School, R560, Hekpoort, Gauteng, in the Magalies Valley.

Cost: R3 750pp for both days, includes, all ingredients, extensive notes and lunches on both days.

To book: or WhatsApp 076 236-2345

Day 1

  • How to break down a carcass, butcher different fresh cuts and cuts for curing;
  • Ideas on how to cook the various venison cuts from fillet warped in pancetta to how make the perfect roast leg;
  • Different dry cures for biltong, cured loin and dry cured leg; and
  • Brining to make corned venison rump;

Day 2

How to make a traditional venison boerewors, spicy sausage, droewors and salami.

  • The science and theory of making wet and dry sausage – extensive notes and explanation of exactly how the process works including salting, spicing, cultures, grinding, filling and drying.
  • The basics of making perfect venison sausages –  classic traditional venison boerewors, and spicy venison sausage;
  • Meat fermentation and how to make a basic venison salami – how spices and preservatives work, and grinding, stuffing and drying, for real droewors from scratch, and a classic salami.