At Wickedfood Earth we run a small breeding herd of  indigenous Pedi sheep. The pedi sheep breed occured originally  south of the Soutpansberg and are typical of indigenous sheep found throughout southern Africa. It is an  easy sheep to farm with and produces a good quality meat as well as a distinctive hair hide.

We believe that our veld-raised Pedi lamb and mutton has more flavour than most lamb from the famed Karoo meat. At the cooking school we use unique cooking methods and seasonal produce to create a memorable lamb orientated  feasts from time to time.

At the moment we have lamb and hogget pedi sheep available.. We slaughter 2 per week and sell at R120/kg for the whole animal, slaughtered and R25/kg for butchering and packaging. They weigh in at around 12kg to 20kg slaughtered.

For more information  – Mike  060 761-0885