At Wickedfood Earth we use time-honored traditional recipes and artisanal curing techniques for our all our cured meats. All meat used is veld raised and finished, either from our own farm, or from other ethical producers in the area.  The flavour is very delicate, delicious on some good quality fresh crusty bread with good quality lard, butter or olive oil.

All cured meats can be supplied whole for you to slice at home, or pre-sliced and vacuumed packed into 100g packs. Present products include:

    • Bacon – Hot smoked 200g vacuum packs of belly and loin bacon;
    • Hot smoked sliced cooked ham – 200g vacuum packs, great for salads or on sandwiches;
    • Pulled pork – ideal for casual no-fuss entertaining, each 500g pack is enough for 6 pulled pork gourmet rolls, just heat through and serve;
    • Pork neck (coppa) – a well marbled muscle, with a delicate melt-in-the-mouth fat, great on artisanal bread and a drizzle of olive oil, maybe a slice of quality cheese.
    • Cured pork belly (Pancetta) – eat as part of a starter cured meat platter. Also great for wrapping lean cuts of meat such as venison and pork loin, and chicken breasts.
    • Cured loin – dry cured pork, very delicate flavour, close to a good Parma ham.
    • Salami – we do a variety of flavours, including a classic cooked German, spicy small Spanish style and venison.
    • Cabanossi – a mild thin salami stick made from pork, ±130g vacuum packed;
    • Lard – rendered pork leaf fat, great for frying with, or as a substitute for butter, ±250g tub;
    • Venison Cured Carpaccio – dry-cured, sliced and vacuum packed in 50g portions, delicious with a drizzle of good quality olive oil;
    • Pork confit – Slow-cooked pork shanks in white wine, bottled in olive oil ±250ml bottle;
    • Rillettes – slow cooked, shredded belly Paté.


For more information  – Mike  060 761-0885