Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School

 For more information, or to book:

(076) 236-2345 cilla@wickedfood.co.za

(minimum charge 8 participants, max 100)

All activities held at Wickedfood Earth Farm are subject to our standard terms and conditions.

At Wickedfood, we work together with our clients to develop specialised events to suit both the occasion and their budgets. Whether it’s a romantic picnic, kitchen tea, milestone birthday, team building event, corporate function or product launch, over the last 15 years, we have been tailor-making food-related functions for our clients. These include:

  • Mystery basket cook-offs (our most popular programme, either on its own, or coupled with the use of our lecture room for a half day meeting/strategy session) – each team gets the same mystery basket and recipe booklet with a wide choice of recipes pertaining to the supplied items. Each team works together to come up with a 6-dish menu, prepares it, and at the end, enjoys the meal they have cooked together. (Click here to see how much fun these classes are.) We have a wide variety of handmade products available as corporate gifts and prizes;

  • Lecture room  – we have a separate fitted-out room seating up to 40 people comfortably and outside breakaway areas, that can be hired out for half or full days. Facilities include notepads, pens, flip chart with paper, screen and projector. We are also able to supply eats, from snacks to buffets and themed feasts (see below).
  • Half day meeting and one + one dish cooking class – up to 5 hours. For those with time or budget constraints, who wish to organize a meeting/strategy session followed by a more focused, quicker cooking class and meal, we have developed this option. The menu consists of one dish plus a side dish to complement the meal. In addition Wickedfood staff will prepare a green salad and mouth-watering dessert ahead of time to complete the meal.
  • Hands-on workshops – from ethnic-based menus including Thai, Asian, Middle Eastern and Italian, to skills based, including bread, cheese, beer and sausage making to butchery and sustainable food gardening, even workshops to teach your staff how to eat healthily and therefore become more productive in the workplace. Wickedfood Earth is a working farm where we practise natural farming methods along organic principles. At an additional fee, we are able to offer farm tours from 30 minutes to two hours (which would include an in-depth discussion on ethically raised animals and food security).
  • Themed feasts – from suckling pig, lamb or chickens on a spitbraai, to Middle Eastern banquets, themed gourmet sit-down dinners with wine or craft-beer pairing or picnics in our unique indigenous forest – from cocktail snacks to lavish 5-course events;
  • Venue hire Wickedfood Earth is available for hire for recipe testing, demonstrations and photographic/film shoots.
  • Corporate gifts, vouchers and prizes (contact the booking office for a product list) – All products are produced on the farm through our community upliftment training project, where we are giving back to local communities in the form of skills training, from permaculture farming practises, to cooking and processing. Products are available for sale, and make great gifts/prizes.
  • Accommodation – The valley is blessed with a wide variety of accommodation options from camping and youth hostels, to self-catering guest houses, country lodges and 5-star hotels. Contact us for a full list of options.
  • Transport – we have a working relationship with a travel partner who can organize a variety of transport options to Wickedfood Earth in luxury new coaches with professional driver.

Events run any time during the day, at the client’s convenience, from ±09h00 onwards. At Wickedfood Earth, clients have the exclusive use of the facilities, for either a half day (up to 4 hours) or a full day (up to 8 hours).

Our facilities include:

  • Lecture room – fitted out to seat up to 40 people comfortably.
  • Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School – offers a very unique experience. All food prepared by participants, is locally sourced, either from Wickedfood Earth itself, or from surrounding farms. The group is divided into a maximum of 4 teams.
  • Picnic areaWickedfood Earth has over 20 hectacres of indigenous forest. Within the forest we have some beautiful forest walks, a wide variety of birds and laid-out picnic areas that can accommodate from 2-20 people.
  • Fun and entertainment – we have five fully set-out boules/petanque/jukskei courts. Other games we have hosted in the past include tossing the gumboot and mystery tastings.

Please contact us and give us some background regarding your proposed event so that we can work with you to tailor-make a programme to fit the occasion.

For  More information, or to book:

076 236-2345: cilla@wickedfood.co.za

(See Terms & Conditions  max 60 participants, all prices exclusive of VAT)


Wickedfood Earth Farm Country cooking School is pleased to announce that we have joined forces with Oryx Desert Salt as our official supplier of salt . We believe that this is a superior salt to most of the other salts available as it is totally natural – no additives, no anti-clumping agents, and no preservatives. It is unrefined and unprocessed. Dried by the hot African desert sun from an underground brine lake, it takes only 4 weeks for the salt to crystalise.

All activities held at Wickedfood Earth Farm are subject to our standard terms and conditions.