The building industry is one of the biggest culprits of the consumption of ever increasing quantities of fossil fuels, together with the destruction of natural habitats. At present our whole way of life is based on oil consumption, whether it be through construction, supply of energy for heating and cooling, manufacturing of chemicals, or transportation.

By using natural building materials that are freely available in the area, such in this house where they are using straw bale and natural stone, one can greatly reduce energy consumption

  • Buildings consume 40-50% of the world’s energy. Green building can reduce energy consumption by 70%.
  • More than 50% of the oil consumption in the world is used for the manufacturing of conventional building materials.

Solar and wind power are renewable forms of energy that won’t run out.

To conserve our present environment, it is imperative that we start making ecological decisions that will sustain our future. Unlike coal, oil and gas, solar power is a renewable form of energy that won’t run out. It’s also non-polluting, producing no greenhouse gas emissions. The same applies to alternative building materials such as wood, recycled steel, straw bale and adobe.

To be sustainable you need to:

  • get closer to the earth,
  • live in houses that are more eco friendly,
  • consume less energy and use more sustainable resources.

Wickedfood Earth® is a sustainable lifestyle project being developed in the Hartebeesfontein Conservancy, located within the Magalies Meander Tourism area.