Wickedfood Earth free-range ducks assist us with insect control. At present we have 8 Mallard which were donated to us. Due to the threat to South Africa’s biodiversity by Mallard breeding with endemic ducks, which is posing a severe threat to the genetic integrity of indigenous waterfowl, we are looking to replace them shortly with Muscovy Ducks.

Mallard drakes

The Mallard drake has a bright green head


The Mallard, is probably the best-known and most recognizable of all ducks. It is the ancestor of all domestic ducks, and can interbreed with other species of the genus Anas. This interbreeding is causing both the Mallard and rarer species of ducks to become genetically diluted. The male bird has a bright green head, while the female is light brown. It is a noisy species – the male has a nasal call, while the female has a “quack” stereotypically associated with ducks. …. click here for more.


Muscovy has a bright red crest around the eyes and above the beak.


The Muscovy Ducks, is a large duck with a bright red crest around their eyes and above the beak. They are the only domestic ducks not derived from mallard stock. They’re self-dependent, better foragers than other ducks, they grow fast and they seldom get sick. They quite happily eat small vermin including mice, rats and even snakes. Muscovy lay up to 4 clutches of eggs per year times and are superb mothers and broodiers. They will protect the young form predators . …. click here for more.

Small groups of ducklings can be brooded by broody chicken hens

Brooding Ducklings

Small groups of ducklings can be brooded by broody chicken hens or Muscovy as females of most other breeds of domestic duck are very unreliable at sitting their eggs and raising their young. …. click here for more