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Recent Newsletter Posts

Wickedfood Earth December Newsletter

Hi All And so not just another year, but also another decade comes to an end. It also marks a decade since Wickedfood Earth was established. I'm proud to say a lot has been achieved since we started the project - we will put together an overview of highlights for our next newsletter. Our [more]

Wickedfood Earth Agri country lunch Sunday 1 December

Join the Country Cooking School team at Wickedfood Earth Farm for our Agri mezze Country Lunch, on Sunday 1 December at 12:00. Taste the selection of the products we make at the cooking school, and see where your food comes from. Enjoy a relaxed country lunch of a selection of generous mezze [more]

Wickedfood Earth November Newsletter

Hi, Rain - at last. On Friday I went to bed with the song "... what have they done to the rain..." bouncing about in my head. Around midnight the heavens opened with a lot of noise, and thankfully nice gentle 42mm of much needed rain. Hopefully it will be followed up this weekend with more [more]

Wickedfood Earth October Newsletter

Hi all, Back at the wheel after a glorious 3 week trip to London and France, our first long break from the farm in over 10 years. While in London we were spoiled rotten by family and friends who took us to some of the trendiest new eating spots. In France we stayed on a farm in the countryside [more]

Wickedfood Earth September Newsletter

Hi all, Well, spring is definitely here, with it all those delicious first spring vegetables and berries. At the moment we are harvesting baskets of mulberries, strawberries, artichokes and asparagus. Being so fresh, the best way of cooking both artichokes and asparagus is simply to steam them [more]

Wickedfood News Flash

Market Day and Lunch at Wickedfood Earth - Saturday 24 August Hi Join the Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School team this coming Saturday, 24 August for our Market Morning and/or our Country Mezze Lunch. This will be a unique opportunity for you to come see where your food comes from, taste [more]