Hello fellow cook,

Welcome to our June newsletter for Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School. Our first winter charcuterie workshop on 14 May, was fully subscribed. Our next workshop, on sausage making is this coming Sunday, 18 June, a great Fathers Day gift. Don’t delay booking. At the beginning of July we will be running a Salami making workshop. Alternatively if you have a group of 8 or more people, we can structure a private workshop just for you.
On the farm we are busy harvesting the last of our autumn crops. This year we had a bumper harvest of sweet potatoes, one of nature’s super foods – More …..
We also had a good harvest of sesame seeds which we will be processing into Tahini.
We are busy smoking our next batch of bacon and coppa and will have it sliced and ready for sale by the end of June.
We are going to be slaughtering an ox in early July.  For meat lovers this is a unique opportunity to purchase true veld raised and finished beef  that has been well hung to dry age – minimum 4 weeks.

Charcuterie Workshops

Wickedfood Earth Farm has become synonymous with free-range pork and top quality charcuterie, including our range of sausage, coppa, pancetta, bacon and ham. At our country cooking school we offer hands-on charcuterie workshops where we share the knowledge we have accumulated over the years on processing pork and other meats. Included in the price is coffee and tea on arrival, the in-depth hands-on workshop, lunch, and a selection of our products to take home with you to enjoy with friends.

Sunday  18th JuneIntroduction to sausage making Workshop from 9:30am. (R990pp including extensive notes, and lunch). Techniques covered include:

  • The basics of making the perfect pork sausage and boerewors, and the difference between them;
  • How spices work and different blends for different types of sausage;
  • How to develop your own unique sausage blends;
  • Hands-on workshop, grinding, spicing and stuffing. Make 4 classic sausages – our classic award-winning boerewors, breakfast pork, Italian style and chourizo.

Sunday 2nd JulySalami and dried Sausage Workshop 9:30am. (R990pp – participants need to have a good working knowledge of the basics of sausage making before attending this workshop). Techniques covered include:

  • The basics of making the perfect meat and spice mix for droewors, cabanossi and classic pork salami, and the difference between them;
  • How spices and preservatives work, and different blends for different types of dry sausage and salami;
  • Making 3 classic dry sausages – classic South African droewors, cabanossi and salami.


Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School is an ideal function venue, from country cooking classes, milestone birthday parties, to spit braais, Thai street food parties and exclusive gourmet country meals. If you book the Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School venue, you have exclusive use of our facilities while you are with us. It is through these events that we raise funds for the on-going research and our education programmes. For more information on our extensive corporate, group and individual programmes click here ….

For more information, or to book:

Contact Cilla on 076 236-2345 or cilla@wickedfood.co.za

Mike on 060 761 0885 or earth@wickedfood.co.za