Hello fellow cook,

Welcome to our July newsletter for Wickedfood Earth Farm and Country Cooking School. Over the past few weeks we have been busy with meat processing and have great stock once again in our on-line shop, including:

  • a new batch of bacon,
  • a selection of sausage, cured meat, and
  • a limited supply of sweet potatoes.
  • For those who are planning a Christmas in July we have prepared a limited number of traditional gammons and hot-smoked hams.
  • On the beef side we have a limited number of roasts and stews, all dry-aged for maximum flavour, perfect for winter entertaining.

Please note, orders close at end of work this Wednesday, 28 June for collection this Saturday, 1 July, at Wickedfood Sunninghill or Wickedfood Earth Farm.

At Wickedfood Earth Farm we run a small breeding herd of indigenous Pedi sheep. As the sheep are mixed grazers, living completely free-range, they have some of the best meat available. We have a few lambs at around 10kg as well as some of our bigger rams, great mutton. We will slaughter and vacuum pack. Click here for more information.

In our winter charcuterie workshop series, we still have 3 workshops planned for the next 3 months:

  • Introduction to Salami and dried Sausage Workshop – Sunday 2 July
  • Advanced salami and dried Sausage Workshop –  Sunday 13 August
  • Cooked and smoked emulsion sausages workshop – Sunday 3 September

Alternatively if you have a group of 8 or more people, we can structure a private workshop just for you.

Charcuterie Workshops

Wickedfood Earth Farm has become synonymous with free-range pork and top quality charcuterie, including our range of sausage, coppa, pancetta, bacon and ham. At our country cooking school we offer hands-on charcuterie workshops where we share the knowledge we have accumulated over the years on processing pork and other meats. Included in the price is coffee and tea on arrival, the in-depth hands-on workshop, lunch, and a selection of our products to take home with you to enjoy with friends.

Sunday 2nd JulySalami and dried Sausage Workshop 9:30am. (R990pp). Techniques covered include:

  • The basics of making the perfect meat and spice mix for droewors, cabanossi and classic pork salami, and the difference between them;
  • How spices and preservatives work, and different blends for different types of dry sausage and salami;
  • Making 3 classic dry sausages – classic South African droewors, cabanossi and salami.

Sunday 13th AugustAdvanced salami and dried Sausage Workshop 9:30am. (R1 200pp). Techniques covered include:

  • Advanced dried sausage/salami making from hand crafted mini salamis to lamb, mixed meats and large chunk salamis, as well as other dried sausages including Spanish chourizo;
  • Advanced spicing and preservatives;
  • Making various dry sausages and the secrets of complex stuffing techniques.

Sunday 3rd September Cooked and smoked emulsion sausages workshop –  9:30am. (R990pp). Techniques covered include:

  • The art and science of emulsion sausages, how to achieve the perfect unity between meat, fat, liquid and spices.
  • Sausages covered in this workshop will include frankfurter, Weisswurst, mortadella and liver sausage;
  • The secrets of complex stuffing techniques;
  • Spice mixes and preservatives;
  • Cooking and hot smoking.

Online Shop

We have once again some great offers in our on-line shop, including:

  • A new batch of bacon – Cold smoked loin bacon and belly bacon – sliced and vacuum packed ±200g.
  • Selection of sausage – all our sausage is made from our own veld reared and finished animals and contain no growth-hormones or antibiotics, and no animal or fish bi-products in the feed. The sausage is cereal, gluten and Nitrite/nitrate free. Flavours available include:
    • Beef Boerewors – made from our classic traditional family recipe with hints of coriander, cloves and pepper;
    • Classic Pork Sausage – The perfect all-round sausage,  a mild, fresh pork sausage, with a hint of pepper and garlic;
    • Breakfast Sausage – a great, mild, fresh thin pork sausage perfect for breakfast with fried eggs and tomato;
    • Italian Style Sausage – a classic Italian blend of herbs and spices, including fennel seeds which gives this sausage a lovely sweetness. Great for the best ever bangers and mash, or as a base for a pasta sauce.
    • Chorizo Sausage, fresh and hot smoked – If you like a hot spicy sausage this is the one, with a blend of chilli, paprika, roasted pepper, garlic and spices is for you.
    • Lamb sausage – made from our indigenous Pedi sheep, and its fat is highly sought after for sausage. We produce a variety of thin lamb sausage, recipes inspired from around the Mediterranean. Flavours available at the moment include Sosati, North Africa and Herb & Feta.
  • Beef – we have a limited selection of roasts and stews for our Dry aged beef, full of flavour, perfect for hearty winter cooking:
    • Brisket roasts, great for long slow roasts  – 2 of ±3kg at R230 each.
    • Chuck Roast with good inter muscular fat to keep the joint moist, during long slow roasting – 1 of 1,9kg @ R145, and 1 of 3kg @ R225;
    • Short Ribs Roasts – Slow roast overnight on a bed of onion and bottle of red wine, serve with mash or pasta – 1 of 900g @ R70 (perfect for 2), and 2 of 2,7kg @ R195.
    • Neck Steaks great for soups, stews and slow braises, full of flavour – 6 of ±950g @ R70 each.
  • Meat stock and Bone broth – a great base for soups and sauces. We make our stock and broth from our veld raised pork and beef bones, organically grown vegetables and fresh herbs.
  • Limited supply of sweet potatoes – delicious and very good for you. They come in a variety of colours. At Wickedfood Earth Farm we grow white, two types of orange and a blue/purple variety. They all have a distinctive taste. We supply them in 2kg mixed bags @R80/bag.

Traditional Gammons and hot-smoked hams

At Wickedfood Earth Farm, we produce two very different hams.  For those who are planning a Christmas in July :
  • Brined cold smoked ham (gammon) –  A pork leg that has been cured in a salt brine solution, cold smoked and cured. This ham first needs to be boiled, before it is brushed with a glaze and then roasted in the oven. Sizes available:
    • 2,7kg @ R370
    • 4,2kg @ R580
    • 5,1kg @ R690
  • Hot smoked cured ham –  Cured in a brine, as above, and then hot smoked. They are already cooked, and are delicious served cold, with either a mustard sauce, sweet pickle or marjoram salsa. Sizes available:
    • 1,3kg @ R180
    • 1,4kg @ R190
    • 1,5kg @ R210
    • 2,4kg @ R330
Order – Mike, 060 761-0885, earth@wickedfood.co.za

Please note, orders close at end of work this Wednesday, 28 June for collection this Saturday, 1 July, at Wickedfood Sunninghill or Wickedfood Earth Farm.

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