The Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School  and Community Country Food Market  are now both fully operational. At the Country Cooking School we have had some fantastic classes, and at our first Food Market, we had close on 100 visitors. The rain has certainly brought a lot of relief. On the farm it is a transitional period. We are getting the last of our summer vegetables, lots of chillies, peppers, 5  different types of eggplant, and harvesting the last of the quinces and pomegranates. Black figs are starting to show and if the birds don’t get them, we should have a fantastic harvest in April and beginning May.

Country Cooking School programme

Our purpose-built Country Cooking School is located ±70km north west of Fourways. We offer real country cooking classes, from how to use seasonal local ingredients and establishing your own food gardens, to kitchen confidence, and specialist skills training. We run evening, half-day, one-day and week-end classes, for both individual students as well as group classes for corporates, whether it be a fun day out with friends or colleagues, or serious teambuilding. For individual students, we run classes mainly on Sundays, with a maximum of 16 students. Each 4 to 6 students has their own fully-equipped kitchen station. Apart from the cooking classes, students also get to sit down to enjoy the meal they have prepared. – more

March programme:

Sunday 16 March at 9:30am  – Sausage Making Workshop (R950pp – max. 10 students) – We take you on a step-by-step trip through the basics of sausage making. This is an intensive full-day interactive, hands-on workshop, where you not only learn the secrets of sausage making, but also get to make your very own sausage to take home with you. Due to the nature of this workshop it is limited to a maximum of 10 participants. – more

Sunday 30 March at 9:30am  – Cooking with sustainable fish (R595pp). We are continually being told that fish is good for you. It has become extremely expensive, with a lot of recognisable fish appearing on unsustainable fish stock lists. In this class we look at 4 of the most sustainable fish available, all of which freeze well, are reasonably priced (some as little as R20/kg), and delicious to eat. We will teach you quick and easy ways on how to prepare and cook these fish. – more

April programme:

Sunday 13 April at 9:30am – Suckling pig cooking class (R495pp). Not only is suckling pig a great centrepiece for a celebration for up to 20 people, it is also a perfect option for a small family, giving 6 perfect roasts, each serving between 4 and 6 people. In this class you will be given the secrets on how to roast a suckling pig and the various joints. – more

Sunday 27 April at 9:30am  – Sustainable living – From Earth to plate, per season  (R495pp). Whether you live in a flat, or sprawling mansion, you can grow your own food, and therefore become more sustainable. In this workshop we show you how to establish a vegetable garden, give you tips on compost making and water wise irrigation. Back in the kitchen, we’ll cook a few of our seasonal vegetables and give tips on how to get the most out of the seasonal bounty. – more

Community Country Food Market

The Wickedfood Earth Community Country Food Market operates every Saturday from 8am to 10am at the premises of the Wickedfood Country Cooking School. This food market links local producers to consumers, as well as provides a location where foodies can get together for a quick cup of coffee, cake and chat. All food sold at this market is seasonal, locally grown and produced.

Products on the Wickedfood Earth farm, produced through our community upliftment training programme are available for sale at this market.  The market is also open to local farmers and artisanal producers from Magalies Valley, who sell their produce and products. Products for sale include:

  • pre-packed pork and lamb cuts (and beef and goat from time to time, when available);
  • pork sausage, bacon, pancetta and cured meats;
  • olives;
  • goats’ milk and cheese;
  • raw cows’ milk, yoghurt and cream chease;
  • fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables;
  • salad and micro greens;
  • honey;
  • jams, preserves, sauces and relishes;
  • fruit and vegetable seedlings.
  • tea, coffee, fresh fruit juice and cake in our small tea-garden.

Happy cooking

For more information, or to book:

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