Spend a relaxing few days of pure food indulgence on our working organic farm and Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School, where you’ll learn to cook:

  • Country farm fare at its finest and get an insight into the farm’s workings. We specialize in produce-driven seasonal food, using ingredients from our internationally recognised food gardens, orchards and veld-raised animals, including a flock of indigenous Pedi sheep.
  • Or in-depth cuisine driven Foods of the World experiences where we explore different cooking styles from around the world, from Asian Street Market Food to Chinese dim sum, tagines, couscous and spices of North Africa, food of Lebanon, Indian curries, Italian, classic French, and flavours of Mexico.

Our cooking style has its roots in Africa, with multi-ethnic world influences, showcasing the cultural cuisines of the various immigrants who settled and cooked in the area over the last 400-odd years. For the past 20 years Mike has been sharing his food passion with visitors from around the world. As a renowned cook and food anthropologist he has travelled extensively to explore food influences and cooking styles of different cultures. He has received many accolades over the years including Slow Food’s Food Heroes award for “development of rare breeds and education on sustainable food and farming.” In 2018 he was invited to become a member of Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance, South Africa. Mike shares these experiences with you, as well as giving you his in-depth philosophy to humane sustainable farming practises. All cooking classes are hands-on in our custom-built teaching kitchen.

Cooking Experiences

Country Farm Fare

From R2 900pp including all meals and accommodation for 2 days (based on 2 people sharing a room, R500 single supplement for the 2 days).

Spend 2 nights at Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School and get an insight into the workings of our organic farm and cooking with our delicious ingredients. We specialize in produce-driven seasonal food, using ingredients grown on our farm and surrounding organic small-scale farmers, as well as veld-raised animals, including indigenous Pedi sheep, beef and free-range pork. Over the two days immerse yourself in food, including all meals, as well as participate in 3 in-depth food workshops on how to make the best of seasonal produce.

Arrive mid afternoon. On the first night we’ll introduce you to classic cooking of well-aged meats (either pork, lamb or beef, whatever we’ve recently slaughtered) over an open fire, South African style, with some unique sauces and sides, matched to the meat.

Next day, after a hearty farm breakfast, tour the food gardens, selecting organic seasonal produce to use to prepare together for a casual mezze lunch, and 4-course gourmet dinner. Mezze lunch will include fresh baked bread that we will have made together in the morning, a delicious cured meat platter of a selection of farm-made pancetta, coppa, and different salamis, freshly-made salads and preserves.

After an afternoon siesta we’ll get together again and prepare dinner:

  • starter could be a fresh vegetable soup, grilled figs wrapped in prosciutto, or a fresh tomato tart;
  • first course – a light pasta, grilled asparagus with a farm butter sauce, or maybe a pâté or terrine;
  • main course will be a real feast, including our special meat, maybe a slow roast lamb shank or pan-fried well-aged beef with a port and red wine sauce, steamed mealie bread, potato gratin or something more traditional like samp and beans, and of course farm-fresh cooked vegetables or salad;
  • dessert, always a highlight on the farm from berry ice-cream and seasonal fruit, to tarts, and hearty winter-baked puddings with local clotted cream.

On the final day take a guided tour around the farm. Then back to the kitchen for a final cooking workshop, preparing a delicious farm brunch, maybe our own just made sausage, eggs Benedict farm style, a freshly made quiche, tart or pâté, scones with just-made berry jam, and a selection of cold meats, preserves and pickles.

Foods of the World

For the past 20 years, as a renowned cook and food anthropologist Mike has travelled extensively to explore food influences of different cultures.

South East Asian Street Market food

From R2 900pp including all meals and accommodation for 2 days (based on 2 people sharing a room, R500 single supplement for the 2 days).

Thai and Vietnamese food has taken the world by storm, with its hot, sweet, sour, salty flavours. The Wickedfood Earth team has spent collectively over two years in South East Asia, visiting the major cooking schools throughout the country, as well as spending numerous hours with street food vendors, learning the secrets of this intriguing cuisine.   Over the 2 days, in 3 hands-on cooking sessions, we will explore these mouth-watering flavours, from a selection of street snacks and dipping sauces, to coconut based soups and laksas, spicy curries, noodle and rice dishes, vibrant salads and classic desserts. 

Food of Lebanon

From R3 300pp including all meals and accommodation for 2 days (based on 2 people sharing a room, R500 single supplement for the 2 days).

Among the many immigrants to South Africa, The Lebanese community became an important pillar to our national diversity, adding a delicious component to our rainbow cuisine. Although many of the dishes may not be common place on the dinner table,  most of us are aware of pita breads, hummous and kafta kebabs. Lamb and goat are the cornerstones of Middle Eastern cuisine. For this 2 day in-depth Middle Eastern cooking classes, we will use the ancient cooking techniques of Lebanon to showcase the fantastic flavour of Wickedfood Earth farmed indigenous veld-raised Pedi sheep, descendants of the fat-tailed sheep of the region. Over the 2 days Mike will share his knowledge of farming with ethically raised indigenous veld-raised Pedi sheep, why their meat is superior, and the secrets on how we at Wickedfood Earth Farm get the best out of cooking with it. All recipes used are authentic, handed down to Cilla from her Grandmother, A Lebanese emergent. True country cooking at its very best.

Other Experiences

Apart from the experiences offered above, we are also able to offer a number of other  cuisine driven food experiences at the Country Cooking School, where we explore different cooking styles from around the world including:

  • Chinese dim sum and other exotic delicacies – Chinese cooking tries to reach a balance between taste, – sweet and sour, hot and cold – plain and spicy. The major three flavourants are the trinity of ginger, spring onions and garlic. The wok is cardinal to the Chinese kitchen and used for both stir-frying and deep-frying. Chinese cuisine is undoubtedly one of the great cuisines of the world. Much of Chinese cooking is based upon the use of the freshest of ingredients;
  • Tagines, Couscous and the North African pantry
  • Indian curries and working with spices – Curries are a staple and making a curry is complex – the balance between meat and vegetable seasonings and liquid must be just right. Dry spices create the aromatic garam masala, which provides the basic flavour, from 6 to up to 20 spices. In this series of workshops we explore how to blend spices for different curries;
  • Italian making pasta, sauces and a few other classics – The first useful thing to know about Italian cooking is that, as such it actually does not exist. The cooking of Italy is really the cooking of its regions. The best cooking in Italy is to be found at home using the freshest of ingredients. This is the cooking we enjoy to share;
  • Spanish – Gazpacho, Tapas and Paella;
  • Classic French;
  • Flavours of Mexico – making fresh tortillas, tacos toppings, salsas, classic molés as well as some memorable desserts.

We can also tailor make an experience especially for you. For further information on any of the food experiences we offer, as well as costings, please contact:

Mike: 060 761-0885 earth@wickedfood.co.za